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Sunday 19 February 2023

Tea Break at Baba Chews Bar and Eatery @ East Coast

Address: 86 East Coast Road #01-01, Katong Square, Singapore 428788

Tel: 6723 2025


Operation Hours

Daily 6.30am to 10.30pm

Baba Chews Bar & Eatery pay tribute to Mr. Chew Joo Chiat, in this beautiful heritage-rich neighbourhood. They serve up Peranakan, Malacca and Western dishes and drinks. The interior is intricately beautiful, and service is quite heartwarming.

I was here on a Sunday afternoon after a work event. To be frank, quite surprised by the lack of customers / diners here as most other cafes in the Katong / Joo Chiat stretch are crowded. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the quietness.

Started with a hot pot of Honey Lemon Tea (SGD$5.00); the cup was vintage-Asian style, almost transporting me back in time.

I also had a glass of Pinot Grigio (SGD$15.00). They have quite a good selection of wine, and also cocktails.

As I'd taken brunch and would be taking dinner soon, I settled for just a slice of cake. I had wanted to try the exotic sounding Butterfly Blue Pea Osmanthus Chocolate Cake (SGD$12.00) but to my disappointment,  it wasn't available. 

So I settled for the Ondeh Ondeh Cake (SGD$12.00) - soft layers of aromatic, pandan kaya cake with gula melaka, and topped with hardened coconut cream (so it was lovely, like icing on the cake literally) and coconut shavings.  While it made for a lovely sweet treat, I liked that it wasn't cloyingly so.

Enjoyed my chilling out experience here alot, and can foresee myself coming back for lunch and drinks someday soon again.

Now, moving on, if you like Baba Chews Bar & Eatery, and this gorgeous neighborhood filled with cafes, restaurants and close to the sea, let's see what NEW LAUNCHES / PROJECTS are here so you can make this your homegrounds:

Thursday 26 January 2023

Brunch at Wild Honey (Scotts Square)

Address: 6 Scotts Road #03-K1 / 01 / 02 Scotts Square, Singapore 228209

Tel: 6636 1816


Revisited one of my favorite places for brunch, rekindling my unwavering delight for Wild Honey, a restaurant that I've been visiting since 7 - 8 years back. Their flagship outlet is at Mandarin Gallery.

Service was a cocktail of blunt professionalism and gentle smiles, depending on whom we were dealing with.

Menu-wise, it is always comforting to know that the restaurant has been consistent in their wide variety of international brunches and quality. They've also expanded largely on their beverages list as well as festive offerings for this period. The only non-constant element was price. I watched my signature Scandinavian Brunch rise steadily from $22.00 to $33.00 over the years.

We started with drinks such as :

  • Thai Iced Tea (SGD$8.00) - flavoured ice cubes with condensed milk
  • Mellow Melon Juice (SGD$9.00) - a concoction of honeydew, Granny Smith apple and orange juice
  • Wild Iced Tea (SGD$8.00) - South African red tea with rose blossoms and summer berries
  • And the seasonal Eggnog Latte (SGD$7.00) - a decadent treat; it was sweet akd

The food items were served next. Portions were generous and waiting time was reasonable (weekday lunch time, and we waited around 10 to 15 minutes on average):

  • Tunisian Breakfast (SGD$24.00) - spicy shakshouka (tomatoes, red pepper, chilli and onions), chorizo, eggs, signature brioche bread, herbs and seed tabouleh

  • Classic Steak Frites (SGD$36.00) - 250g of Australian grain-fed steak sliced up (doneness choices only medium or well done), with sauce (herb butter or chimicurri), as well as choice of fries (Paprika or French fries) or mixed leaf salad.

  • Scandinavian Breakfast (SGD$33.00) - grilled Salmon fillet on a bed of crispy potato rosti, asparagus stalks and Hollandaise sauce 

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Wild Honey very much, and look forward to coming back to try their other brunch items.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Journal of my Covid Positive Days

"Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in...." - Taylor Swift.

One of my worst fears became a reality, no matter what precautions we'd taken to prevent it. The C. Monster has found me, and managed to infiltrate my body. 

Despite the careful masking up. Despite the countless abuse of hand sanitisers and home disinfectants. Despite the double doses of Vitamins C. Despite all the vaccinations I'd taken.

I've decided to document this journey because, hey, how often do we survive a pandemic and probably make history in the decades to come?


It began with a funny scratch in my throat and chesty coughs (and I've just recovered from a month-long bout of cough). That went on for a couple of days before the chills and fever hit me on a Sunday night. I woke up having a bad, bad feeling about this

The ART test kit confirmed my fears.


Isolation was the first thing on my mind. I was wondering if I should book a hotel for that purpose, so I could isolate far away and alone from my loved ones, to prevent them from being attacked by the C. Monster as well.

Anyway after discussion, I decided to isolate at home. I had medicine lined up, plenty of fluids and lots of advice from friends and family who'd went through the C. Monster.

I washed and sanitised my hands doubly, wore a mask around the house, and tried to minimise contact with everyone at home. I was also grateful to have UV Sanitiser which I used rather excessively, sanitising all rooms I've wandered in a few times a day.


Daily testing and different medicines helped to battle the symptoms. 

I had runny nose but didnt think I'd lost my sense of smell otherwise. 

Thankfully I didn't have sore throat,  and the fever only lasted 1.5 days. 

I had a little body ache, and felt a little woozy for days (not exactly giddy, but not entirely lucid, know what I mean?). I lost my appetite to eat, and lost the mood to do much - though I did get some work and meditation done.

My greatest concern was wearing the masks to bed as I am claustrophobic and feared I'd having difficulty breathing, but thankfully I breezed through that as well.


Friends and family sent care packages such as premium fruits, cooling drinks, etc over. Thank you so much for the love.


No one is immune. I had thought I was, but I'd been beaten. One could never be too careful, but this experience makes me treasure my health even more. Its great to regain freedom and do all the daily tasks we are able to do without being hindered; take care of our health as its the only one we have! 

Monday 11 April 2022

Why is Meyer Mansion The Perfect Home?


Hi Friends,

I would love to share with you the beauty and value of Meyer Mansion in District 15.

If you're looking for a good-sized, right value, freehold property with unblocked landed views and importantly, QUALITY, look no further.

Meyer Mansion is your place to call home.


✔️ upcoming Katong Park MRT

✔️ Marine Parade / East Coast transformation

✔️ Paya Lebar, Geylang, Changi and Pasir Ris transformation, all happening in the East

✔️ scarcity of new private homes in East Coast area with units selling out fast

☎️ #callElle92329737 now for a discussion, more information, viewings or bookings.


Monday 7 March 2022

[Sponsored] Delectable Pastries from The Durian Bakery


1 Irving Place, The Commerze, #02-26, Singapore 369546
Tel: 8875 1069
Opening Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm (daily)

Well, my birthday is a month away so..... nope, this is not exactly my celebratory cake, BUT, it certainly felt like a happy event, receiving the beautiful Blackforest Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core and Signature Durian Dessert Box. Even the packinging exudes a touch of class - perfect for gifting definitely.

The Durian Bakery is a local company that seeks to provide (you) with "the richest durian experience", as promised in their tag-line. 

Their signature MSW Silkygold™ Durian Purée is a divine creation made with fresh Grade A Mao Shan Wang durians, found generously in their quality handmade cakes and patisserie.

Better yet, The Durian Bakery allows you to indulge in their delicacies with the knowledge that good food can be healthy too. How? Well, through their use of highest quality ingredients only, secret recipe and conscious baking with no-calories sugar.

They offer islandwide delivery at SGD$10.00 (FOC if orders exceed SGD$90.00) as well as a special same-day express delivery within 2 hours at a flat rate of SGD$18.50. 

The Durian Bakery offers a good selection of creative and delectable cakes that can be found on their website here. Some of their best-sellers include the Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, Mao Shan Wang Durian Crepe Cake, 24K Black Gold Durian Crepe Cake, Mao Shan Wang Cheese Cake, Mao Shan Wang Burnt Cheesecake, Open Ice Cream Cheesecake with Mao Shan Wang Core, Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core, and Blackforest Dark Cherry Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core.

For Patisserie, you can browse the selection here. My only gripe was that everything looked so tempting and mouth-watering, I had a really hard time choosing what I wanted.

Choices include Giant MSW Puffs, Snowy D24 Durian Mochi, Blackgold Musang King Durian Mochi, Durian Pudding, and Dark Choco Durian Mousse.

Everything is freshly baked daily with no preservatives - so, consume within the same day for optimal results.

I shall start with the Blackforest Dark Cherry Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core (SGD$98.00). Its a good 6-inch cake that can easily serve 6 to 8 persons.

Made of dark chocolate, this sleek-looking cake seemed innocent enough on the outside, but cut it apart and take a bite - the bittersweet cake with decadent MSW core, and fresh dark cherries - was packed with punch. Like, literal palate punch, but in a good way. I am a lover of everything in that cake, and to have them all convene in one single creation- that, is a dream (cake) come true.

Refer to picture above (source: https://thedurianbakery.com.sg/product/black-forest-with-mao-shang-wang-core/ ) to see the finest details that go into making this beautiful black cake with gold sheen.

The Super Burst MSW Giant Puffs (SGD$58.90 for a box of 8) are oh so luscious! Think 8cm diameter big fluffy choux pastry bursting with thick, creamy MSW puree the moment your teeth sinks in.  

Then there's these Snowy D24 Durian Mochi (SGD$15.00 for 6 pieces) that's simply dreamy creamy D24 durian puree coated with a smooth, bouncy layer of light, chewy mochi. This is so good, it's easy to over-indulge. 

Last but not least, the Dark Choco Musang King Mousse (SGD$16.00) - a 6cm diameter dome resting on a crunchy cookie base, slowly unravelling its bittersweet, decadent madeup as we undressed it with our forks and lips. It melted upon our tongues like a dream.

Good news for you if you're unsure which items to order, get an assortment with their Signature Durian Dessert Box - at a mere SGD$79.00, you'll get the Super Burst MSW Giant Puffs, Snowy D24 Durian Mochi, and Dark Choco Musang King Mousse all in a set, enjoying the best of triple worlds.

Finally, if you're looking to celebrate a special event, add on their classy Gold Birthday Accessory Set (SGD$5.90) - consisting of gold candles, gold happy birthday topper and metal cake knife (these items may also be purchased individually if you prefer).

Overall, the entire experience from ordering to delivery, from aesthetics to taste, has all been awesome, like 10/10. Will I order from them again? Definitely.

Thank you The Durian Bakery and Ryan for the wonderful treats and experience!


Saturday 5 March 2022

Review on Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Coconut Setting Spray

Brand: Too Faced
Product: 3-in-1 primer,  setting and refreshing spray
Price: SGD$49.00

I was looking for setting powder because my favourite and effective Laura Mercier Powder (review here) finished. Usually I would just buy this product over and over, but recently my bff  *Pris mentioned Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Coconut Spray and how refreshing it felt on her skin. I was naturally tempted to give it a try and so I got a bottle.

The main ingredient is coconut water and this wonderful pro-biotic spray is oil-free, silicone-free and alcohol-free, therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

When using, hold the nozzle about an arm's length away and spray over the face. If used as a primer, spray before makeup application. If used for setting makeup and making it last longer, spray after full-face makeup is completed.

This spray can also be used throughout the day to refresh and hydrate skin; this is very important especially if we stay in air-conditioned environment for long hours. I also use the spray on my hair to give it some moisture throughout the day as well.

Overall verdict? Easy and fun to use, and I like it as a booster for my skin and hair. However, I find that it doesn't keep my makeup on as lasting as Laura Mercier setting powder for me. Also, not everyone may like the coconut smell even though it is very light. All in all, worth a shot.

Sunday 14 November 2021

Lunch at Lao Beijing (老北京食堂) @ Novena Square

238 Thomson Road #02-11 / 12 Novena Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307683
Tel: 6358 4466

Lao Beijing is part of the TungLok Group, specialising in Northern Chinese cuisine such as noodles, crispy skin roast duck, steamed dumplings etc.  They used to have more outlets but it seems there's only the Velocity Novena Square outlet left.  Service was rather friendly, and decor gives a very vintage heritage feel.

Appetiser was interesting Pickled Pumpkin (SGD$2.00) slices (mom insisted it tasted like papaya instead). crunchy and sweet with light tinge of spiciness.

The Pork & Chive Dumplings (SGD$6.00) were pretty good and melty, tender minced pork wrapped in soft flour skin.

Braised Pork Rice (SGD$3.50) was decent, with delectable bits of tiny braised pork cubes and half a soft-braised egg. I thought a little more gravy might transform the simple rice dish better.

Finally, Wanton Noodles (SGD$12.00) made with fresh shrimp dumplings, springy la mian noodles and a whole braised egg. Taste was a little bland but portion was very generous.

Overall a pleasant dining experience here at Lao Beijing (Olde Peking Dining Hall) - a lot has changed since my last dining experience there nearly a decade ago.

Friday 5 November 2021

Dinner at Wok Master Restaurant @ Changi City Point

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-28, Changi City Point, Singapore 486038
Tel: 6909 3144

Craving for your favorite local Chinese "zi char" or casual seafood dishes, but craving for air-conditioned comfort? Then Wok Master might be the perfect fit for you.

They have 3 outlets in Singapore and being Easties, we chose the Changi City Point branch to dine at. Needless to say - with their huge variety of dishes and affordable price tags, the place was packed with dinner crowds.

We enjoyed their signature Seafood Platter (seasonal price) very much, because evidently, it was a treasure pot of goodness! One could choose between Chicken Soup Base or spicy Mala Soup Base.

The ingredients included baby lobsters, green mussels, scallops, lala, quail egg, crab, black fungus, lettuce, noodles, tang hoon glass vermicelli, sweetcorn, prawns, and crayfish.

Then we had the Crisp-Skinned Duck (SGD$28.00), Wok Master’s version of Peking Duck. A half duck cooked crispy and served with crepes, cucumbers, carrots and spring onions with or dipping sauce

Next, Hong Kong-styled Steamed Fish (SGD$28.00). A whole fresh fish delicately steamed with a soy sauce infused with ginger, spring onions and coriander. Tasty!

After that, Sizzling Black Pepper Beef (SGD$15.00 for small / SGD$20.00 for medium) - sliced beef fried with a rich black pepper sauce and served on a sizzling hotplate. Definitely palatable; tender beef slices bursting with flavours.

Another item that we shared and savored was the Claypot Golden Mushroom Beancurd (SGD$12.00 for small/ SGD$18.00 for medium) - Stir-fried fried golden mushroom, carrot, mushroom, beans, cabbages with beancurd skin.

Last but not least, desserts! Glass Jelly with Lychee (SGD$4 20) - refreshing grass jelly with lychee and basil seeds.

We also enjoyed a cooling Chocolate Ice-Cream, served with Chocolate Wafer Rolls ("love letters").

Enjoyed our dining experience at Wok Master and the amazing dishes, satisfying start to the weekend.