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Thursday, 30 September 2021

Bright Skin Cosmetic Laser at CSK DermaCare @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-121 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732
Tel: 6100 6886

I was delighted for the opportunity to try out the Bright Skin Cosmetic Laser (worth SGD$168.00) at CSK DermaCare. My laser treatment must be performed by a doctor, so only selective outlets offer this laser treatment. CSK DermaCare is operated by ClearSK Aesthetics Group, providing a wide range of aesthetics services for our skincare needs.

The Bright Skin Cosmetic Laser is a fuss-free laser procedure with minimal pain and zero downtime. It brightens the skin, making pigmentation and other imperfections appear lighter. Plus, it gives the benefits of a brightening facial - all within a span of roughly 20 minutes.

The Tiong Bahru outlet is relatively small, but it is tastefully decorated. I took a seat and was attended to pretty quickly.  No numbing cream was applied on my face after makeup removal by therapist.

Then the doctor came in to cover my eyes with goggles. He touched the laser device to my face while explaining each step and benefits. Each touch of the device caused a frisson of pain (like an ant's bite) because of the heat. There was also a mild burning smell but Doctor assured me that it was normal, and nothing to worry about.

The treatment was fast, so you can even come for a quick lunchtime laser session! The therapist gave me a soothing and hydrating Aloe Vera Mask to apply that night.

My skin felt and looked very radiant after that. I didn't have makeup on the entire day, but still felt confident because my skin was glowing and bright.

Thank you ClearSK / CSK DermaCare for the beautiful bright skin cosmetic laser treatment!

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Lunch at O'Coffee Club @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Revisit)

65 Airport Boulevard, Level 2, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663
Tel: 6585 6369

Recently I was part of the Neuro-Awareness Road show, so I was based at Changi Airport Terminal 3 for 2 days. Where else did I go for my lunch if not my favourite O'Coffee Club?  The decor has also changed - an open concept now with lots of plants, almost botanical-like. Menus have been revamped a little, you can check review here.

Anyway I had their 3-Egg Omelet (SGD$8.90) with Ham & Cheese. One could choose that, or Mushroom & Chicken. The Omelet came with a plain salad and tasted pretty good - the only issue was that I wish they had written there that the Omelet contains onions, as not everyone takes it.

I paired the above with a hot Peppermint Tea (SGD$4.80), with was a pretty good pairing actually, and the minty flavour helped to take away some of the onion taste in my mouth.

The next day, I had one of my favourites all these years - Classic Caesar Salad in Cheese Basket (SGD$14.90), with Smoked Salmon. One could choose Chicken if they don't like Salmon. Ingredients were fresh and the crispy cheese cheese basket was just so good! I could eat this type of salad every day!

I paired this with a glass of Red Wine (SGD$11.00), the only choice available here was the Shiraz Cabernet. I'm not sure why they scrapped my favourite Blackforest Blend from the menu if they could still serve alcoholic drinks.

Anyway overall, not bad dining experience here again. The afternoon crew were really nice - coming around to top up water and asked if everything was good.