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Thursday 12 August 2021

Dinner at Changi Beach Seafood Paradise @ Changi Beach Club

2 Andover Road, Changi Beach Club, Singapore 509984
Tel: 9113 5215 / 6344 5216
Website: None supplied

We used to enjoy the food and ambience at Changi Beach Club's Golden Seafood Restaurant (review here); now it has become Changi Beach Seafood Paradise. We decided to give it a try, when celebrating the MIL and SIL's birthdays earlier this year.

Service was very warm upon entry, but later became quite non-existent when more diners joined, so maybe they had manpower issues.

Decor was a little different now too. You're surrounded by seas, and catch magnificent views of the sunset, but the alfresco seating areas have been altered so the restaurant's interior spaces were longer now.  Big round tables filled the restaurant; the menu consisted of mainly seafood and Chinese dishes.

We started with Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (SGD$12 / $18 / $22 for S / M / L). Quite crispy, and evident prawn paste marinated flavour, but not one of the  better ones I have tried.

We also had the Sweet and Sour Pork (SGD$12 / $18 / $22 for S / M / L). Crispy cubes of fried pork covered in a blanket of appetite-whetting zesty sauce; pretty palatable.

There was also the Wok-fried Beef with Black Pepper (SGD$18 / $24 / $32 for S / M / L). Delicious slices of tender beef inmersed in black pepper sauce, complemented well by crunchy bell peppers and onion slices.

The Chilli Crabs (seasonal price) were pretty fresh and delectable; the gravy was a little too sweet for us though. More piquant would have been ideal.

The above dish must of course be accompanied by Fried Buns (SGD$1.00 per piece); you could have the option of fried or steamed bun.

Then the must-have vegetables dish; we chose Hong Kong Kai Lan (SGD$12 / $18 / $24 for S / M / L). Fresh greens stir-fried with garlic.

Lastly, from their seasonal promotion menu - Fried Hokkien Mee, KL-style. With thick noodles, fried and immersed in dark sauce. Quite nice; would have been great if there was a dash of "wok hey".

Overall, quite enjoyable dining here, but sadly, do not foresee ourselves returning anytime soon.