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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Baby’s Breath Flowers Can Be Poisonous to Pets [Sponsored]

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The tiny white flowers of Gypsophila are the beautiful Baby’s Breath flowers. They are a great as fillers because they complement just about any kinds of flowers in a bouquet. The Flower Delivery for any bouquet made by the Singapore Florist is sure to have the Baby’s Breath as part of the design or arrangement. Depending on how you want to leave an impression, the flowers of Baby’s Breath can be a versatile flower that you can use for a wide variety of designs and arrangements. You can send a hand bouquet or a special flower arrangement using this flower of Baby’s Breath. The florist in Singapore has the largest selections of designs for your gift of flowers.

However, this amazing tiny white dot of flowers can also be harmful to pets like dogs and cats. The Gypsophila is a part of the Caryophyllacae family. The flowers contain steroidal saponins which are known to cause possible serious intoxication to animals. The Gypsogenin is a typical type of toxin found in the Gypsophila family. Although it is not harmful to people, but it can cause gastrointestinal upset in mild to moderate level to animals when ingested. It may not be life-threatening to pets but ingestion of a sufficient amount of Gypsophila will be unhealthy to dogs and cats.

For first aid to pets that ingested the Gypsophila, treatment can be made at home for mild cases. The mouth of the pet should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water, removing any plant material left inside the mouth. If possible, inducing vomit may also be done through mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. For 4 hours up to 24 hours, the pet will be able to make full recovery. In case the pet suffered from severe intoxication or severe gastrointestinal upset with persistent vomiting as well as diarrhea, professional medical attention should be given.

 The gift of Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath bouquet can be a special florist delivery to send and give to loved ones. It will be more fun and less the stress if the recipient will place the bouquet away from the reach of cats or dogs at home. The online florist can help in terms of tips and tricks in caring for the fresh flowers, but when it comes to medical or first-aid treatment for such cases, might as well know what you can do with it. The Flower Delivery of the flower gifts should be worthwhile and memorable and not a cause of problem.