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Thursday, 5 September 2019

The Mommyhood Series [v] - The Endless Shopping List

Part 4 of The Mommyhood Series (read more here) highlights the importance of pregnancy travel guide and my accidental babymoon in Taiwan. Now we move on to the endless things to buy in preparation for the arrival of the little bundle of joy.

What is this pregnancy shopping list that I had to be prepared for?

Well, don't get excited just yet. It's not your favorite fashion brands like Chanel and Dior; it's not your favorite skincare brands SK-II and Lancome. This new shopping list will feature brands you will start to get used to - do the names Pigeon, TollyJoy, Dr. Brown, Hegen, Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent, etc. ring a bell?

No, well, they soon will.  Here goes the shopping list:

  1. Baby Rompers (x10 sets - because you need to change at least twice a day)
  2. Long-sleeved Pajamas / Rompers (for sleeping)
  3. Baby Blouse & Pants sets (in place of Rompers)
  4. Booties aka baby socks
  5. Baby Mittens (very important-  to prevent their long nails from scratching their face)
  6. Baby Bibs (for feeding use)
  7. Handkerchiefs
  8. Swaddle (for sound sleep - check out Love To Dream or SwaddleMe)
  9. Receiving Blanket
  10. Beret (keeping their bare heads warm in cool places)

  1. Baby Bathtub
  2. Wash Cloth
  3. Towels
  4. Natural Sponge (in place of wash cloth)
  5. Baby Shampoo
  6. Baby Body Wash
  7. Baby Lotion / Moisturiser
  8. Baby Powder
  9. Nappy Rash Cream
  10. Eucalyptus Oil or Ru Yi Oil (for soothing babies against wind in body)
  11. Baby Mouth Wipes (important, to prevent ulcers or thrush)
  12. Mini Cotton Buds (for cleaning her nostrils)

  1. Disposable Diapers (x2 packs at least - they change up to 12 diapers a day!)
  2. Cloth Diapers (in place of disposable diapers)
  3. Nappy Liner
  4. Nappy Pin
  5. Cotton Pads or Cotton Pads (cleaning the dirt between the folds of baby's privates and butt)
  6. Baby Wet Wipes
  7. Changing Mat
  8. Baby Nail Clipper (check out TollyJoy, Pigeon or Nuk)
  9. Baby Nail Scissors
  10. Thermometer (everyone recommends Braun, though some says a basic "underarm thermometer works better)
  11. Pacifier
  12. Baby Laundry Bag (so as not to mix with adults' clothes)
  13. Baby Laundry Detergent
  14. Baby Bottle Cleanser

  1. Milk Bottles for feeding
  2. Teats for Milk Bottles (different openings for different ages)
  3. Tiered Milk Powder Container (check out Pigeon or TollyJoy)
  4. Electric Bottle Warmer
  5. Bottle Sterilizer (check out Pigeon and Philips Avent)
  6. Nursery Bag (like Jujubes or Anello)
  7. Fridge-To-Go or any other cooler bags
  8. Electric Breast Pumps (check out Hegen, Medela, Spectra or Ardo)
  9. Silicone Manual Breast Pumps (check out Hakaa)
  10. Milk Storage Freezer Bags
  11. Milk Storage Bottles
  12. Bottle Brush
  13. Teat Brush
  14. A tray or rack to place stored milk bags marked with dates of pumping
  15. Rid-Wind Baby Drops or Gripe Water
  16. Nursing Pillow (check out My Brest Friend)

  1. Baby Cot (with a good, flat and straight mattress)
  2. Baby Play Pen (in place of, or in addition to the cot)
  3. Mattress Sheets / Crib Sheets
  4. Disposable Waterproof Sheets (in case she pukes or pees on the bed)
  5. Blanket or Comforter
  6. Mosquito Net (optional)
  7. Baby Monitor
  8. Chest Pillow (made of pea husks)
  9. Anti-vomit wedge Pillow
  10. Mini Bolster & Case
  11. Mini Pillow & Case (not for newborns yet - wait for their necks to be strengthened)
  12. Night Lamp (keep it on in a dark room)

  1. Nursing Bra
  2. Breast Pads (washable and disposable applicable)
  3. Nipple Shields
  4. Nipple Cream
  5. Epsom Salts (to soak in the event of blocked ducts)
  6. Maternity Panties
  7. Stretch Marks Cream
  8. Maternity Pads
  9. Stomach Binder
  10. Abdomen Support Belt
  11. Nursing Shawl
  12. Disposable Waterproof Sheets (in the event water bag bursts or we deliver on the way to hospital)
  13. Tights for Blood Circulation (to aid circulation after epidural)
  14. New range of Skincare products that are pregnancy-friendly


  1. "Baby On Board" sign for vehicles
  2. Baby Car Seat (note there are car seats for different baby age groups)
  3. Baby Toys
  4. Stroller / Pram
  5. Baby Carrier or Sling (check out Ergo-Baby, Manduca or Tula)
  6. Baby Walker
  7. Teething Toys
  8. Confinement Tonic and Bath Herbs (details will be out in The Mommyhood Series vii)