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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Drinks at Equilibrium Italian Restaurant @ Capitol Piazza

15 Stamford #01-86 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 4069

Another interesting by the Crea8 Group and good folks of Supply and Demand is Equilibrium , a modern European / Italian restaurant and bar offering one-for-one cocktails every single day (no, you didn't hear wrong). Read reviews on Supply and Demand Cafe here and here.

Ambiance is breathtaking - lots of mirrors and faux glass with a polished look and sincere, polite service. We were here for after-dinner drinks.

Bread basket was placed on the table - looking very tempting, but we'd finished dinner, and were not here for food. The thoughtful crew then exchanged the bread for spicy crackers, which were rather nice to munch on.

Two beer-drinking friends were happily indulging in their Orion Beer (SGD$5.00) at promo rate, a smooth and light Japanese creation.

*Katherine and I had Cocktails - she went for the Smoke on the Water (SGD$26.00) - smokey potion of hibiscus tea, honey water,  cherry brandy, tangy Sloegin, orange zest and a fiery slosh of Absinthe.

It was served calm and pretty as we watched the server fire it up by dousing the different components together, sending it in flames.

I had an Entry Load (SGD$25.00) - fresh medley of rosemary-infused vodka,  orange blood tea, Cointreau with honey water, grapefruit bitters, fresh orange and sugar. This flavorful drink was filled with orange caviar that burst deliciously in the mouth.

Enjoyed our stay there and looking forward to coming back for more.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Dinner at Prive @ Chijmes (Revisit)

30 Victoria Street #01-33 / 35 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Tel: 6776 0777
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theprivegroup

One of our favorite restaurants is Prive @ Keppel (review here), overlooking beautiful harbour view and serving up quality dishes in tranquil settings. The not-so-recent discovery of Prive @ Chijmes (review here) sparked off another hangout serving equally quality food in a more convenient, lush venue.

And so, where better to hold my bridesmaids thank-you dinner other than Prive @ Chijmes? Service was attentive and thoughtful, so we enjoyed ourselves greatly again.

We started with some interesting drinks - Grape Mojito and Blackberry Lychee Mojito - we thought the cocktails were a little too sweet.

Dinner kicked off with some Onion Rings (SGD$7.00), lightly battered so the sweet vegetable was rimmed with crispiness.

The Pan Roasted Seabass (SGD$27.00) was served with steamed brocooli, polenta parmesan cakes, roasted cherry tomatoes, English pea and a garlic butter sauce. Crispy skin flanked luscious snowy flesh enhanced dramaticallu by the sauce.

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Crispy Pork Belly (SGD$20.00) cooked with bird's eye chilli, caught our eyes immediately so we had to have it. Spiciness lined the springy spagetti strands, while the crackling pork belly added a smoky deliciousness to the pasta dish.

Then there was Miso Salmon and Cold Soba (SGD$25.00), another outstanding dish we knew we had to try. The pasta dish was served with shitake mushrooms as well as coriander sesame dressing. Loved the silky strands of green tea noodles, and the melty salmon slice was simply divine.

Dessert was Sticky Fig Sundae (SGD$16.00), which resembled a banana split with fig ice-cream.  Nonetheless, the refreshing flavors of the ice-cream made it a perfectly lovely treat in this hot, non-airconditioned setting.

Finally, some Intense Iced Latte (SGD$8.00) with espresso ice-cubes, reminding me very much of Tian Kee's Nuts About U beverage.

Overall, everyone enjoyed their meal and catching up session over here.

Poem: As Above, So Below

As the Wiccan rede goes, 
"As above, so below", 
The moon uses the lake as a mirror, 
Exuding beauty from top to bottom; 
And we, riveted by the sight, 
Of her fine winks from the ripples. 

By the light of the morning, 
Lifting the darkness from the lake, 
Reflecting the trees and the hills, 
Painting a captivating sight, 
We lift our heads and eyes to heaven, 
And wonder why it is not clear. 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

Poem: Tears of Angels

If wine is the tears of angels, 
Every sweet scarlet drop - 
Soothing to this soul of mine, 
Yet scathing to the tongue; 
Stripping me of real sensations, 
Digging deeper into the pain points. 
Every swirl stirs the fleeting thoughts, 
Mellowing my weakened resolves, 
Bittersweet memories coarse through blood, 
And hands create bad poetry; 
In a night when angels' tears drown, 
Even the sweetest of sorrows, 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

Poem: Light and Darkness

In her fair head, 
Were thoughts and dreams, 
Of their bright future, 
Filled with bliss and love. 

In his dark mind, 
Were plots and plans, 
Of how to cheat her of her wealth, 
And the best exit strategies. 

Copyright © thearcticstar 2016

Poem: Oblivious

Why can't you see me, 
Even as I loom over you, 
Waving my arms frantically, 
Trying to reach for a reaction. 

Why can't you hear me, 
Even as I am shouting myself hoarse 
Yearning to communicate, 
My thoughts and dreams to you. 

Why can't you sense me, 
Even as I pass right through you, 
Feeling the warmth of your life, 
But you are oblivious to me... 

Copyright © thearcticstar 2016

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Review of Collagen Facial at Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab @ Marina Bay Link Mall

2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-23 Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984
Tel: 6323 3018

Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab has 3 outlets for facials, IPLs, derma-abrasion, massages etc, namely Palais Renaissance, Orchard Central and Marina Bay Link Mall. On top of that, they have other outlets providing aesthetic clinical treatments, nails, foot reflexology and TCM treatments, which pretty much covers all grounds from health to beauty.

I went for a Collagen Facial (SGD$210.00) at their Marina Bay Link Mall outlet, since my workplace is just in the vicinity.

The settings, while elegant and clinical at the exterior with its white and glass design showcasing a row of products on a long counter, contains touches of lush comfort within, with faux grass carpet beneath the seating area. Service of consultant and therapist were professional, friendly and sincere, from the phone calls to pre / post treatment - never without smiles on their faces. It made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

Before the facial session I filled out a form to declare skin issues (if any), which is standard procedure. After that, I was led to the rooms to get changed into a white sheath robe.

Therapist Ellese (coincidentally bearing similiar name to me) explained  the procedure to me while wrapping my hair up. First step was the infusion of hot lavender oil being "hovered" over my face from her palms, and with every movement the fragrance of the oil calmed me gently.

We moved on to cleansing thereafter. I asked her to keep my eyeliner intact - it was waterproof anyway so the masks wouldnt cause it to smear.

Diamond Peel followed thereafter, a light sensation of the suction working away on the layers of dead skin cells on my face. It was so gentle, yet purifying.

Next, gentle extraction took place, further purifying my skin. Anti-baceterial wipes ensued afterward, before a thorough massage with lavender oil. I loved the skillful stroked and kneads on my face while the lavender fragrance soothed.

Finally, Crystal Collagen Mask was applied onto my face, a thick, cooling layer working its way into rejuvenating my skin while I was put to rest for around 15 minutes.

The mask was being peeled off and light cleansing was done before Ellese applied moisturizer for me. The difference, as evidenced here (just after one session), shows significant improvement.

I enjoyed a warm cup of Lavender Tea while chatting with the consultant - no hardsell or un-dignified pushing of signing of packages. It was overall, a very enjoyable treat for my skin.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Poem: Unwrap

Don't tell me no, 
As I seek to undress, 
All the layers that you hide behind; 
Stripping you bare 
Of facades and silken exteriors, 
To unveil the real you within. 

Don't push me away, 
As I try to scrape off, 
All the sugar coating that conceals 
An ugly nature so unthinkable, 
Even as you cower, 
And pray to remain clothed. 

Dont resist me now, 
As I hasten to unwrap, 
Your shell, like a Pandora's lid, 
Polishing off the glitters, 
So that you can be yourself,
Set free off all that you are not. 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Lunch at Nam Nam Noodles Bar @ Wheelock Place

501 Orchard Road #B2-02 Wheelock Place, Singapore 
Tel: 6736 1488

Here's another place that spiked my interest but I never could bring myself to join the long queue to try - Nam Nam Noodle Bar. The fad has died down, and there are more outlets now, so I happily decided to lunch there during a shopping trip with The Beau.

Decor of Nam Nam Noodle Bar is simple but rich in Viet culture. Menu comprises of different types of Pho (Vietnamese noodles), baguette-wich and an assortment of sides such as Vietnamese vermicelli rolls. A rather straightforward menu, no-fuss or fanciful description required.

We started with a Coconut Orange Drink - sweet and refreshing, a lovely tropical delight.  

The Beau had a Sauteed Lemongrass Pork Banh Mi (SGD$6.90) aka toasted baguette stuffed with chicken pate, hot chilli peppers, mayonnaise, pickled carrot, daikon, fresh cilantro and cucumber. The baguette was utterly crispy and flakey to our surprise, it was almost like eating a freshly-baked croissant. The moistened, succulent pork was bursting with flavours from the exotic lemongrass, pickled carrot and chilli - it made for an utterly tasty meal.

I went for the Pho Chicken (SGD$9.00) - bowl of Vietnamese rice flour noodles  in broth boiled intensely for 24 hours and garnished with freshly-chopped herbs.  Broth was scrumptious and flavourful, and rice noodles were smooth; chicken strips were tender and meal was enjoyabl. We couldnt get enough of the piping hot broth for sure.

Overall we were pleased with dining experience at Nam Nam's, and I would look forward to being back for another bite of the crispy baguette as well as maybe try the beef pho.