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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Tea Break at Miska Cafe @ Quayside Isle, Sentosa

31 Ocean Way #01-07 Quayside Isle, Singapore 098375
Tel: 6339 0903

Miska Cafe is a gorgeous space that's colourful on the inside, and liberal on the outside, snagging for itself a marina-facing view that takes patrons' breath away.

Its menu is largely Mediterranean-Western dishes, with a dash of Asian influence. Service was excellent, with attentive and friendly crew ensuring that we are comfortable.

Pity I was here for a meeting and not dining, that day- therefore I did not get to try any of those seemingly mouth-watering dishes suxh as Soft Shell Crab Burger, Stuff-Grilled Squid, Falafel, Chicken Parmi etc.

The Cuppaccino (SGD$6.00) was good though - rich and aromatic, with nutty tones invigorating the senses gently.

I must find a day to return for those delicacies here at Miska Cafe, especially now that I've discovered more means of coming into Quayside Isle besides the (pricey) taxi rides I usually took. Wait for my return.