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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Outfit of the Day - layered floral dress over romper

"Today, fashion is really about sensuality—how a woman feels on the inside. In the ‘80s women used suits with exaggerated shoulders and waists to make a strong impression. Women are now more comfortable with themselves and their bodies—they no longer feel the need to hide behind their clothes." - Donna Karan

I fell in lust with the layers, and then the pretty pink flowers against black fabric. What's most interesting is that, the piece inside is a romper. Suitable for dates, events, functions and weekends.

Dress: MDS (SGD$79.00)
Bangle: Hermes

Monday, 24 April 2017

[Poems] Knives

She smiled, 
The pearls of thousand watts, 
Those glossy red lips, 
And tongued 
The knives 
Lined behind 
Her smiling pearly whites.

She watched, 
The one closest to her, 
Taking the lead, 
Walking in front of her; 
She stabbed 
The same knives into her 
Glorious ramrod 
Straight back without falter. 

She climbed 
The corporate ladder, 
Easily, through her bed, 
Slicing layer by layer, 
Same knives by her hand; 
Higher and higher, 
Until she toppled 
At the hands of another.

Copyright © WinePoetess 2017

Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Future is Female Conference by The New Savvy [Sponsored]

2 Shenton Way, Auditorium Level 2, SGX Centre 1, Singapore 068804
Date: 8 April 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 8.30am to 7.00pm
Ticket Price: SGD$250.00 per pax

Recently I was honoured to be invited for The Future is Female Conference organized by The New Savvy - an educational and enriching female-empowering seminar that introduces us to the world of finance, demystifying investments for us. While the gist was centered around finances and money management, there were also insightful talks by successful women entrepreneurs who talked about their own experiences and issues faced, lending their expertise to other budding female entrepreneurs in the audience.

Goodie Bags with magazines and lots of vouchers were given to us, and some contests livened up the conference. Introduction by The New Savvy crew kick-started the long day ahead, and there were 2 tea breaks and a lunch session in between, that would penetrate the conference at scheduled intervals.

From 9.00am to 9.45am, the panelists talked about "Investing 101: Starting Your Investments" - and the panel consisted of Andy Lim (JL Family Office), Dr. Koh Noi Keng (Centre for Financial Literacy), Cedric Chehab (Asia Research) and Keir Veskivali (Smartly).

At 9.45am lasting till 10.30am, the panelists shared on "In the Driver's Seat: How to Drive Your Way Toward Success" - the panel comprised Tjin Lee (Mercury Marketing & Communications), Tamara Singh (GIC), Choo Ling Er (Singapore's Ironman Female) and Kee Siew Poh (Finexis Advisory).

After a short break, the panel moved on to talk about "Investing in Equities", by panellists Nels Friets (Tryb Capital), Bernard Lim (Columbua Threadneedle Investments, Jason Low (DBS Bank), Lynn Gaspar (SGX) and Gillian Kwek (Fidelity International).

From 11.30am to 12.15pm, we heard about "How to Keep Your Personal Brand Authentic in the Digital World", and the panel was made up of Rachel Lim (Love Bonito), Khoo Yin (FleishmanHillard), Pauline Ng (Porcelain the Face Spa) and Carol Chen (Covetella).

The next 45 minutes brought us through "What You Need to Know as a First-time Investor" by Puah Soon Lim, trainer at SGX Academy.

This was followed by lunch break, and then "How We Did It: Investment Success Stories", made up of panelists Huang Shao-Ning (JobsCentral), Ted Fang (Tera Sotheby's International Realty), Shannon Kalayanamitr (Orami) as well as Yap Kwong Weng (Leap).

Moving on, the topic discussed was "Real Estate and Reits: Diversifying Long-term Investments Portfolios", panelled by David Kuo (The Mortley Fool), Roy Ling (SGX Academy), Vivien Lim (Philip Capital Investment) and Veiverne Yuen (tryb Capital).

"How Women Thrive in Investing" was the next segment, and we heard from Junie Foo (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi), Varun Mittal (Ernst & Young), Mouna Aouri (Woomentum), and Ketki Sen (Spinta Global Accelerator).

A short 15 minute break followed, after which we watched panellists Violet Lim (Lunch Actually), Jenny Tay (Direct Funeral Services), Benjamin Loh (public speaker at TEDx) and Lionel Yeo (Cheerfulegg) share their views on "A Look at How Millennials View Investing, Marriage and Housing".

Then it was a topic on "Why Insurance is a Good Investment for Yourself", fronted by Vivianna Low (NTUC Income), Bryan Low (Citi Nie), Timothy Ho (Dollars & Sense) and Philipp Kristian.

Finally, "Supercharging Your Career: How to Achieve Big Things Quickly and Efficiently"- panelled by David Sanderson (Nugit), Tan Yee Ning (United Security Solutions), Kexin Lim (PwC Singapore) and Markus Gnirck (tryb Capital).

I missed the networking and wine session at 7.00pm, but believe that would have been great fun and very meaningful - thankfully I had already made friends with some other attendees during the tea breaks and lunch intermissions. If I had attended with any shard of skepticism and curiosity, I stepped out more knowledgeable, confident, and clear about where I could start looking around for investments.

Thank you The New Savvy for the awesome enrichment, and AsiaOne for the experience.

Friday, 21 April 2017

[Poem] Ghosts of the Past

Do you remember 
When we were sitting by the river 
Swinging our legs without slipper 
Dreaming about the future 
And what we would endeavor. 

Which we are now living- 
Like we were chasing 
Back then. But losing 
The carefree feeling,
Only the past could bring. 

The money is blinking 
The clocks are ticking; 
What used to be spell-binding 
Now becomes nights of drinking- 
Not for sorrow drowning, 
There's none - just joy inducing. 

We had it all at one point 
And lost it all over - repeat. 
Just when the ring gets past 
The finger and all is set, 
The ghosts of the past 
Come back to haunt. To taunt. 

 Copyright © WinePoetess 2017

Thursday, 20 April 2017

[Poem] On The Other Side

Paper hearts, 
Folded and unfolded, 
Strewn over your tomb, 
Carried by the wind. 

Are you on the receiving end, 
Are your eyes on us, 
Are your ears privy 
To our words so soft? 

Incense lit, 
And candles in the wind; 
A sight you loved, 
Dark songs of the crows. 

Are you on the other side, 
Lending an invisible hand, 
Or are you scratching the wall, 
Trying to break free? 

Copyright © WinePoetess 2017

Monday, 17 April 2017

[Invited Tasting] Mother's Day Specials at The Peranakan @ Orchard Hotel

442 Orchard Road #02-01 Claymore Connect, Orchard Hotel, Singapore 238879
Tel: 6262 4428

Having visited The Peranakan for dinner (review here) and Chinese New Year (review here), I was honoured to be back for their Mother's Day menu, consisting of 9 superb courses at SGD$200.00 for 4 persons, available exclusively on 13th and 14th May 2017. The "Peranakan Set Menu of Yesteryears" bring back quality food prepared from scratch, just like how the authentic, traditional Peranakan dishes should be.

As usual, the array of decorations is shatteringly beautiful - intricate and dazzling; the display of Peranakan ware is growing as The Peranakan plans to acquire more space for a gallery soon.

Our favorite Belachan Shrimp Rolls were served as appetizers while waiting, in their signature colorful miniature weaved baskets.

So, to start on the "Peranakan Taste of Yesteryears" menu, one gets to choose from a choice of soup, between the Sup Bakwan Kepiting (clear crabmeat broth with pork-prawn balls) or the Itek Tim (clear boil duck soup with tender duck leg, salted giam chye vegetables and sour plum).

Next up, Nasi Ulam shaped like a beautiful giant heart and adorned with flour rosebuds so yes, everything is edible. The aromatic Nasi Ulam is served lukewarm and is made of 6 raw herbs julienned to no more than 30 minutes, salted threadfin fish, minced threadfin fish, lemongrass, chopped long beans and toasted coconut.

The Sambal Pisang Jantung was up next - an assortment of fresh shrimps, onions, banana flower, sambal belachan,  and coconut, to be placed on these crackling, bitter Emping Chips and eaten together. The spicy-sweet flavour created an addiction that made it easy for one to reach for servings repeatedly.

Following that, we enjoyed the Telur Goreng Chinchalok - omelet served with chinchalok, the latter being a spicy shrimp paste causing fiery stirrings within the palate.

Then the Babi Asam, easily translated into Asam Pork - a zesty tinge among light spiciness; the succulent pork surpassed expectations of the waiting tongues and teeth.

The Ayam Buah Keluak was a personal favorite - a traditional Peranakan chicken dish cooked using the black nuts from the Pangium Edule tree. Stewed from tender chicken from grandma's recipe, the contents of the buah keluak were taken out to be blended before putting back in - resulting in a creamy, velvety texture with bittersweet cocoa taste.

Next, Udang Masak Nenas, a taste of home even for most of us - Pineapple with Prawns, immersed in a spicy-sweet gravy, so that the prawns themselves soaked up the fiery Midas' touch turning their luscious flavour hot.

Last but not least, Bittergourd Asam Busok - a rarity in which the bittergourd was soft and anything but bitter (I personally would've welcomed more bitterness), tossed in a pool of savoury sauce with long beans. Deep-fried Dough Fritters lounged invitingly on the sides of the plate, ready to be torn and dipped together into the mix and eaten together.

Finally, Apom Bokwa Pisang which was our dessert and conclusion to a sumptuous meal. This is a traditional Nonya kueh (cake) made of rice flour, a thick gravy and banana. It was not too sweet, and I enjoyed the slightly chewy, sticky texture of this dessert.

Don't forget the delicious beverages when you are feasting. Our Soursop Drink was filled with generous pieces of the fruit itself; utterly refreshing. The hot Lemongrass Tea lent a soothing touch and many other benefits when consumed. Milk Tea a must-have as well - not too sweet, but very aromatic of the tea fragrance.

If you would like to bring your mothers out for an exotic feast on Mother's Day weekend, wait no further. She will enjoy the lavish settings and these thoughtfully prepared dishes. Contact The Peranakan now (details above) to make your bookings to avoid disappointment.

Thank you Chef Raymond and team for hosting us and ChubbyBotakKoala for extending the invite.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

[Poem] Sail Ahoy

Sail ahoy,
The ship rocking gently,
Pages of my diary,
Flapping loudly

In the breezes;
Above the waves,
My pen poises
On the paragraphs.

Not knowing where to start,
Staring at the vast
Expanse of skies and seas,
Sensing your presence.

Might we meet halfway
Against starlit stairway,
And nod curtly,
As strangers do easily?

Or might we take to the mast,
All fears to be cast,
Into the seas like dust,
As our flesh, in passion, melt?

Sail ahoy,
The whispery
Winds form a melody,
Of you, oh blimey!

Copyright © WinePoetess 2017

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Review on Expert Hair Master @ Far East Plaza [Sponsored]

14 Scotts Road #04-92 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Tel: 6909 0698 / 8146 8477

Expert Hair Master is the newest kid on the (Far East Plaza) block, one of those small but mighty hair-dressing saloons helmed by award-winning but humble Raven, who used to work with renowned salons attending to clientele that includes celebrities and events. With his near 2 decades of experience and expertise, Raven, who specializes in digital perm and rebonding best, has decided to start his own hair salon with a partner.

The 3 key qualities / specialities that set Expert Hair Master different from its many competitors in the same building are:
(i) the personalized service that one enjoys here, where the director himself meticulously monitors and tends to customers every step of the way;
(ii) the 2-step special Korean RC-II protein hair treatment which fortifies hair structure and moisturize afterwards; and
(iii) the opening specials promotions that are too irresistible

This is the price list for the many different types of hair treatments - be it cutting, perming, rebonding, treatment, coloring or simply styling, Raven is able to execute them beautifully. The current promotions are Lóreal Hair Color for a mere SGD$68.00 onwards (U.P. SGD$98++), RC-II Protein Hair Treatment at only SGD$88.00 onwards, and Perming / Rebonding from SGD$98.00 onwards (U.P. SGD$128 onwards).

I was honoured to be invited to experience a hair treatment here at Expert Hair Master. The services I chose to try out was coloring and treatment. Raven and his colleague Vivien were both very warm and hospitable, offering drinks, ensuring I was comfortable in the armchairs, and showing me the array of hair colors available. By the way I totally dug the white brick-walled ambience with the contrasting black console and chairs - kind of vintage meets class; very appealing.

Selected a kind of plum / maroon color bordering on red, after various suggestions and considerations. Raven set to work. I cautioned that my natural hair is very dark, so brighter hues usually comes out dimmer; so he adjusted the redness accordingly, to ensure that my hair would be able to absorb the beautiful wine color.

The meticulous coloring session, including first hair wash, took about an hour, for my hair length. H2O Color was the selected service, amongst his array of coloring treatments, and the price was SGD$188.00++ for my hair length. This type of coloring is very pleasant - no ammonia so it constitutes to a healthier option; and there was no odour at all.

Moving on was the Korean RC-II Protein Treatment, which arrived just today itself! The first step is for strengthening the hair and healing broken properties damaged by heat, breakage, etc. The treatment tube works like a syringe, and he injected the serum into my sectionalized hair, comb through, and left to steam for about 15 minutes.

After that, the next step - also with syringes, except that the treatment was to smoothen and moisturize the hair texture, giving it a nice sheen and silkiness.  This section also took about 15 minutes with steaming of the hair and all.

Then my hair was blown dry and sleeked with protein leave-on treatment. The color came out a lovely wine / maroon type of shade, and my hair felt stronger, smoother. If you would also like to experience Raven's expert touch and enjoy the RC-II protein hair treatment, contact Expert Hair Master for an appointment at 6909 0698 / 8146 8477 now.

Thank you Raven and Vivien once again!