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Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Journal of my Covid Positive Days

"Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in...." - Taylor Swift.

One of my worst fears became a reality, no matter what precautions we'd taken to prevent it. The C. Monster has found me, and managed to infiltrate my body. 

Despite the careful masking up. Despite the countless abuse of hand sanitisers and home disinfectants. Despite the double doses of Vitamins C. Despite all the vaccinations I'd taken.

I've decided to document this journey because, hey, how often do we survive a pandemic and probably make history in the decades to come?


It began with a funny scratch in my throat and chesty coughs (and I've just recovered from a month-long bout of cough). That went on for a couple of days before the chills and fever hit me on a Sunday night. I woke up having a bad, bad feeling about this

The ART test kit confirmed my fears.


Isolation was the first thing on my mind. I was wondering if I should book a hotel for that purpose, so I could isolate far away and alone from my loved ones, to prevent them from being attacked by the C. Monster as well.

Anyway after discussion, I decided to isolate at home. I had medicine lined up, plenty of fluids and lots of advice from friends and family who'd went through the C. Monster.

I washed and sanitised my hands doubly, wore a mask around the house, and tried to minimise contact with everyone at home. I was also grateful to have UV Sanitiser which I used rather excessively, sanitising all rooms I've wandered in a few times a day.


Daily testing and different medicines helped to battle the symptoms. 

I had runny nose but didnt think I'd lost my sense of smell otherwise. 

Thankfully I didn't have sore throat,  and the fever only lasted 1.5 days. 

I had a little body ache, and felt a little woozy for days (not exactly giddy, but not entirely lucid, know what I mean?). I lost my appetite to eat, and lost the mood to do much - though I did get some work and meditation done.

My greatest concern was wearing the masks to bed as I am claustrophobic and feared I'd having difficulty breathing, but thankfully I breezed through that as well.


Friends and family sent care packages such as premium fruits, cooling drinks, etc over. Thank you so much for the love.


No one is immune. I had thought I was, but I'd been beaten. One could never be too careful, but this experience makes me treasure my health even more. Its great to regain freedom and do all the daily tasks we are able to do without being hindered; take care of our health as its the only one we have!