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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Review on EPL Brazilian Treatment at Nue Lifestyle @ Bugis

470 North Bridge Road #02-10A Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Tel: 8522 3751

Thrilled to be trying out EPL Brazilian Treatment - you heard it right. Not a typo or misspelling of IPL. Let me share a little on E-Pulse Light Treatment. Only Nue Lifestyle offers this type of advanced hair removal treatment as of  now.

The usual medical declaration form filling and changing into white robe ensued, followed by donning the black protective eyewear prior to treatment.

One of the lastest hair removal technology, EPL works by delivering pulses of light into the skin at a specific wavelength which is selectively immersed in the hair follicle's melanin. The light energy then heats the pigment and effectively disables hair follicle without harming surrounding skin tissue.

In short, a painless way of permanent hair removal technique. Treatment was soothing and cooling all the way - starting with thick layer of cold gel spread across the lady parts, then the cold surface of device which emanated heat energy.

The entire procedure was completed within 30 minutes, with the therapist being soft-spooken and knowledgeable the entire time. No hard selling nor pressure of any kind at all.

Thus concludes my experience trying out EPL Brazilian at Nue Lifestyle @ Bugis Cube. It is recommended to shave a day in advance for optimal results.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Outfit of the Day - white floral romper

"Fashion is chaotic, and it can be an aggravation, too, but it is at its best when it allows 
you to express yourself." - John Malkovich. 

White floral romper with plunging neckline and wide trumpet sleeves. Perfectly in time for Summer.

Romper: Forever New (SGD$140.00)
Bangle: Hermes

Monday, 15 January 2018

[Media Invite] 2018 Chinese New Year Dinner at Ellenborough Market Cafe @ Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel

20 Merchant Road, Level 1, Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore 058281
Tel: 6239 1847 / 6239 1848

Looking for a good venue for family reunion dinner this coming Chinese New Year, or not sure why to hold your company's annual CNY Lo-Hei meal for colleagues? Well, Swissotel Merchant Court seems to hold the answer to your prayers- opt for their Prosperity Set Meals or Prosperity Buffet.

Available from 5 February 2018 to 2 March 2018, delight in a sumptuous 7-course or 8-course set meal with your loved ones or colleagues, reigning in the year of the Dog together.

Menu A is priced at SGD$788++ for a table of 10, comprising:
  • Salmon Yu Sheng
  • Double-boiled Fish Maw Soup with Dried Scallop and Cordeycep Flower
  • Imperial Herbal Chicken
  • Hong Kong style Fried Garoupa
  • Wok-fried Asparagus with Pearl Scallop in XO Sauce
  • Fried Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
  • Double-boiled "Hasma" with Red Dates

Menu B is priced at SGD$988++ for a table of 10, comprising:
  • Salmon Yu Sheng
  • Double-boiled Fish Maw Soup with Dried Scallop and Cordeycep Flower
  • Imperial Herbal Chicken
  • Hong Kong style Fried Garoupa
  • Wok-fried Asparagus with Pearl Scallop in XO Sauce
  • Braised Abalone and Sea Cucumber with Australian Broccoli
  • Fried Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
  • Double-boiled "Hasma" with Red Dates


For those who prefer a medley of international and Asian dishes, and feel more comfortable indulging in buffet-style feasts, the Prosperity Buffet is available from 5 February 2018 to 2 March 2018. Besides the Peranakan and International dishes available at various buffet stations, there will also be a platter of Yu Sheng for each table.

Prices are as follows:
Lunch - Adult at SGD$68++ / Child at SGD$34++
Dinner - Adult at SGD$80++  / Child at SGD$40++

Note that Roast Duck and Roast Pork Belly are only available for dinner, at the Roast station.

For those who prefer to hold reunion dinners and gatherings at home, office or other event spaces, good news for you- the delectable dishes are available for takeaway from 1 February 2018 to 18 February 2018:

  • Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (SGD$68 for 10 diners)
  • Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng (SGD$98 for 10 diners)
  • Braised Buddha Temptation Claypot aka Poon Choy (SGD$388 for 10 diners)
  • Roast Duck with Plum Sauce (SGD$48)
  • Roast Pork Belly (SGD$38 per kg)
  • Roast Honey Char Siew (SGD$34.80 per kg)
  • Roast Chicken (SGD$32.80)
  • Chinese Roast Combination Platter - choice of 3 items (SGD$78)

Wait no more- contact Ellenborough Market Cafe right now to make a reservation - it is important to feast right, so that the rest of the year will be filled with abundance, happiness and feasts!

Thank you Ellenborough Market Cafe, Swissotel Merchant Court, Jennifer and team for the invite and for hosting us.

Friday, 12 January 2018

[Media Invite] 2018 Chinese New Year Dinner @ Amara Hotel

165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 3 Grand Ballroom, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539
Tel: 6879 2598

Chinese New Year 2018 is approaching in a matter of weeks-  have you thought of where to enjoy Reunion Dinner with your family this year? No? Maybe you can consider Amara Singapore, helmed by the talented Chef Charles and the Prosperous Reunion Dinner sets?

The dining venue is located on Level 3 Grand Ballroom of Amara Singapore, with different set menus to choose from, comprising Salmon Yu Sheng in the shape of a dog, and other decadent delights such as Abalone, Fish Maw, Scallop and Pomelo Tang Yuan (glutinous rice ball dessert). For the Imperial Reunion set, there are even Black Chicken Ginseng Soup, Sea Urchin and Cod Fish to add to the luxury. Herein are the various set options:
  • Imperial Reunion Set (SGD$1,888) for 10 pax, with 8-course dinner and fully-equipped karaoke system
  • Golden Prosperity Reunion Set (SGD$88 per pax) minimum 6 persons; with 8-course  dinner, auspicious lion dance performance and Huat Ah goodie bags
  • Joyous Abundance Reunion Set (SGD$68 per pax_ minimum 6 persons; with 8-course dinner, auspicious lion dance performance and Huat Ah goodie bags

For those who prefer to indulge in buffet dinner during the Chinese New Year period, or on Chinese New Year's Eve, expect to feast on unique delicacies such as Vegetables Treasure Pot ("Pen Cai"), Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil & Kombu, Drunken Chicken, Homemade Beetroot Salmon, Homemade Mandarin Orange Salmon, Kaisen Don, and a whole plethora of Chempedak desserts (such as cake, creme brûlée, Swiss Roll, agar-agar, pudding, etc).

The CNY buffet is available from 1 February 2018 till 2 March 2018. The price table is as follows:-


Various set menus are available at Silk Road Restaurant, starting from SGD$106 per person (minimum 2 persons to go) / SGD$368 for 4 persons / SGD838 or SGD$968 for 10 persons.

Available from 15 January 2018 to 15 February 2018 from 11.00am - 8.00pm daily, the Chinese New Year Goodies Booth has a wide array of food items for sale, from the savoury Treasure Pots, Smoked Duck and Yu Sheng to cookies such as Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Bangkit, Peanut Cookies, Almond Cookies and Cashew Nut Cookies etc.

Happening on 16 February 2018 at 11.38am, the exciting auspicious lion dance performance shall take place at Amara Hotel Lobby, so do drop by to rub off some of the good fortune.

With so many enticing festive feasts and events awaiting you, wait no more. Hop on down to Amara Hotel today with your loved ones for a memorable Lunar New Year celebration ushering in the year of the Dog.

Thank you Amara Singapore, Lindy and crew for the invite and hosting us.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Dinner at Central Hong Kong Cafe (中環香港茶餐廳) @ Jurong Point

63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-90 / 95, Mongkok Street @ Jurong Point, Singapore 648331

Tel: None supplied
Website: None supplied

That day, Mon Beau came to Jurong Point to meet me after my appointment, so we could have dinner. After walking about the massive shopping centre, we decided to find something to eat in Mongkok Street section - thereby chancing across Central Hong Kong Cafe.

Vintage decor of the place brings one back to Hong Kong, probably in the 70s - 80s period. Posters, old-fashioned flasks and Hong Kong restaurant tables and chairs formed part of the decor; we enjoyed the settings because I love Hong Kong and its culture.

We started with a beverage - Hot Coke Boiled with Lemon and Ginger (SGD$3.90) ; soothing, tasty, and I suspect, beneficial as well.

The Che Zai Mian aka "Cart Noodles" (SGD$6.00) was offered in dry or soup option; we chose the latter. Broth was clear and light in flavor; but the fine noodles had the texture we like - springy and delicate. Best of all, the bowl was filled with pots of ingredients such as fried chicken wing, hard boiled braised egg, fried pig's skin, fishball, crabstick, sausage, vegetables and spring onion. It made for a very satisfying dish.

The item that had caught our attention  before we stepped in was Durian Fried Rice (SGD$8.90). We had some concern over the taste before trying, like, wouldn't it be weird? However, the first bite immediate set us at ease and we enjoyed this dish immensely.

Rice was grainy but well-moistened; delicious with the smokey wok's breath flavour that worked in good harmony with the gentle aroma of durian. Besides fresh shrimps and eggs, one could also find tiny bits of durian flesh within the fried rice, making it immensely enjoyable.

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Central Hong Kong Cafe and look forward to being back eat the above dishes again, or try other items on the menu.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Outfit of the Day - white halter dress with intricate blue patterns

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics
 are easier to buy.” ― Yves Saint-Laurent  

Here is me wearing another Thai-style dress from Bangkok - a white beachy halter dress with intricate patterns in dark blue. What I love most is the strings threaded with beads.

Dress: Bought from Bangkok (SGD$30.00)
Sunglasses: Coach
Shoes:  Chanel

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Dinner at Pasar Bella @ Suntec City

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-455 / 456 / 459 / 461 Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Tel:  None Supplied

Having heard of Pasar Bella for a long time, and curious about their food, I decided to visit the other day, for dinner. The concept is marketplace, with many stalls within a funky space painted with graffiti and road signs, reminding me easily of the likes of Timber+ , Medz and Marche.

There were many stalls with different food concept, including Wolf Burger, An An Vietnamese, Grillo, Sarnie's Coffee, Cajun on Wheels, Pimp My Salad, Pita and Olives, Tamarind Kitchen, Rollie Ollie, Choo Choo Chicken and Mad Dogs Bar and Grill, etc.

The Truffle Short Ribs Bowl from Grillo was packed with flavours and tender ribs infused with earthly deliciousness.

Truffle Lotus Chips from Grillo as well, made for a good snack - crispy and tasty.

The Ocean Seafood Box (SGD$11.50 with a side / SGD $13.50 with 2 sides) from Cajun on Wheels consisted of mussels, prawns and fish and cheese fries. Taste was decent but do not expect springy, sweet freshness.

Short Ribs Bowl (SGD $14.50) from An An Vietnamese was composed pleasantly of pearl rice, moistened and very succulent beef ribs, as well as vegetables to give that refreshing crunchy balance.

Beef Pho, also from An An Vietnamese, wad described as tender (the beef) with rather tasty broth.

Mocha from Sarnies was delicious and aromatic, flavored richly with chocolate rising distinctly to the surface.

Finally, an Asahi Beer (SGD $12.00) and I opted for a Strawberry Mojito (SGD $15.00) - the latter required a 5 minute wait but there no strawberry in sight or taste at all.

Overall, nice casual dining experience with good variety of food to accommodate everyone.