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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Afternoon Tea at One Degree 15 Marina Club @ Sentosa Cove

11 Cove Drive, #01-01 Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Tel: 6305 6982

When the client meeting was fixed at One Degree 15 Marina Club, I was glad for the chance to come explore here and maybe chill a little before  / after the appointment. It was a blessing that the skies were clear, with some light breezes to strike a balance.

Boy, were we swooned by the view - azure blue skies, boats posed in perfect portrait of serenity, and blue waters at peace, flanked by some lovely buildings in the backdrop. We were early, so it was almost mandatory to check out the bistro area for a cuppa or two by such picturesque scenery.

The bistro / cafe itself was casual, with comfortable seats that were in good contrast against the beautiful views. It was an outdoor concept as well, for obvious reason.  One had to place order at the counter and then self-collect the items when ready; there seemed to be only one staff manning the bistro / cafe.

The second photo of the bistro / cafe is courtesy of *Z, for capturing an angle I did not manage to.

The bistro bar serves light snacks such as salads, sandwiches and pastries. I instinctively staked out the one thing that caught my eye - not because I was hungry or a fan of rainbow cakes, but because I was curious to try the rainbow cake here (the rest of the desserts seemed quite normal anyway).

So, here is the Rainbow Cake (SGD$8.80) - a rather large slice of it, really containing seven distinctive multi-colored layers between clotted cream. The exterior is colorful with rainbow flakes as well - a little overdone in my humble opinion, but the white chocolate flakes flanking the side of the cake bode well, giving it a touch of chocolatey aroma. Other than that, the cake itself tasted pretty normal - soft enough but still a little rough, and every layer tasted the same (sweet, sugary, period).

For drinks, *Z had the Black Coffee (SGD$5.00) while I had the Cappuccino (SGD$6.50). The coffee was rather good, standard Illy brand coffee; flavor enhanced when eating the cake with. The biscotti was lovely though - buttery cookie.

Overall, it was a lovely experience here, enjoying the gorgeous views and gentle breezes on a weekday afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I look forward to be back sometime soon again.

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