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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Will Mr. Lee Kuan Yew pull through today, 18 March 2015?

I just placed an order for five (5) of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's books (in photo below) from Kinokuniya Online Store.

Well, this is one of my very rare political / current affairs entries - I have stopped writing about politics for a long time, though I still do follow the happenings.

I just felt I had to write something about this, when I saw the above. Mixed feelings overcame me as the words registered, and a million thoughts raced through my mind faster than I could utter the words "get well soon".

I believe that I would not be the only one feeling the conflicting emotions creeping in, slowly, and the worst has being imagined ever since news of his deterioration has been announced. Since this afternoon, there has been many police personnel and reporters camped at Singapore General Hospital, hoping to get first hand updates on Mr. LKY's condition. It has worsened due to an infection, and the latest update was that even his son Mr. Lee Hsien Loong and wife Mdm. Ho Ching were paying the elderly Mr. Lee a visit.

So.... what does this mean exactly? No, not just for the Founding Prime Minister, but what does this mean for Singapore if (not a very big IF) Grim Reaper comes to claim his prize?

Photosource: http://lee-kuan-yew.com/lky/

Feeling elated / relieved, that this "tyrant" of a leader is finally making space for more possibilities and penetration by the opposition parties?

Feeling anxious, and hoping that this talented man would be seized by a miracle and recover, walking out ready to take Singapore by the horns again?

Feeling sad at the potential loss of Father of this Nation, the one who has brought Singapore thus far?

Feeling worried / scared of what the future might entail, now that we no longer have this ambitious ruler watching over the nation (at least not in flesh), to dictate and keep the country intact?

Face it, even though he may no longer be at the frontline in recent years, delivering long and impactful speeches, it is no secret that he still holds the fort together in his own ways. Whether by fear or out of respect, I have a feeling he is the reason that a lot of votes still go to the Men in White (pardon me if I am making baseless deduction herein though- but we shall see, soon) and his influence is still very powerful.

I am hearing / seeing a lot of words of concerns towards his current health conditions  - on social media platforms, as well as through people around me now.

There are also those who are still cursing him, hoping he suffers and wishing him dead - I could only choose to turn a deaf ear to these audio poison.

I believe that no matter what happens, plans should have been set aside in preparation for the inevitable changes - plans by both the government and the opposing players. It is us the citizens that will continue to be kept in suspense, and play along with whatever new rules and policies that we would be faced with in future.

There is a little fear in me regarding the abovementioned point, yes. We have been under his guidance and rulership for decades, though things seem to have taken a turn for the worse lately. While I may lament the policies and may not be a staunch supporter of the government at large, I cannot deny the awe I have for Mr. LKY for what he has brought Singapore to, today.

It was not an easy path, looking back at the decrepit state we were fifty years ago. He may have done his fair share of situational adjustments, including the alleged betrayal of Mr. Lim Chin Siong, his then-buddy and co-founder - but to be pragmatic, no leader has ever accomplished anything great without being ruthless when they deem fit. Face it- you don't come across great historic figures who ruled well without a few sacrifices along the way, and in this instance, it is a regret for all involved parties.

Anyway, to be fair, I'd conclude by saying that despite the recent ridiculous policies of his party, I still have a great deal of respect for Mr. LKY and all that he has done. Hope he pulls through and get well soon.

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