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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dinner at Medz Bistro & Bar @ Raffles Place

24 Raffles Place #01-01 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Tel: 6536 1917
Website: www.medzs.com.sg

Having visited Medz Restaurants at Orchard Central and Millenia Walk before, I was surprised to learn from *Edwin that they have another outlet at Raffles Place, a bistro and bar concept. As such, we made plans for dinner there.

The tiny cafe is done up prettily in dim lighting, with a long bar counter, comfortable booth seats as well as "window seats" that allow the diners to see and be seen by passerbys along Raffles Place. We took a table in the latter category.

The eye-catching stuff would of course be the colorful array of pastries greeting the guests at the main entrance.

This bistro & bar is very different from its other outlets, which abide by a marketplace concept - lots of stalls, patrons order at the stalls and collect their own food. Over here, they have a la carte menus as well as servers to take orders and bring the dishes to our tables. Here they have Asian / Chinese dishes as well, instead of the usual Mediterranean and European cuisine at the other two outlets.

There are also Set Lunches and Set Dinners available if one wishes.  We ordered a variety of different items for sharing.

Drinks were served first. *Edwin had the Iced Tea (SGD$4.90) and I had the Koppaberg Strawberry-Lime beer (SGD$8.90).

Then he had a Wild Mushroom Cream Soup (SGD$6.90) which I managed to try a couple spoonfuls of - thick, creamy and completely redolent with black mushroom's distinctive flavor.  The texture was just nice - not too thick nor diluted, making for a smooth journey down the throat.

Next, the Hummus with Pita Bread ($6.90) was brought to the table. Pita, being pita, had a hard and dry texture so I had to break it into smaller pieces.  The hummus (a dip / spread made from chickpea, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, salt and garlic typically) was prepared moist enough so that it was easy to scoop for  or dip the bread with.  However, there was something lacking in the flavor that I could not fathom. The entire spread was somewhat bland save for the sour overture of the lemon juice.

I had better hummus at Deli Moroccan @ Haji Lane and Restore Cafe @ Tanjong Pagar.

Following that, the Lemonade Crab Meat mini Croissant Sandwich (SGD$4.90) was served. Crabmeat with mayonnaise has always been a divine (albeit sinful) combination on their own, tossing together the sweetness of the two into a delectable union. Who would've thought that the infusion of lemonade would bring the taste to another level? This was so good we wish we'd ordered the large version for it (if any).

After that, the Home Cured Salmon mini Croissant Sandwich (SGD$3.90)  Being a salmon lover at all times, this was a delight - a little saltish, but balanced well by the flakey croissant.

Finally, time for desserts. There was the Chocolate Truffle Cake (SGD$.6.90) which was rich and indulgent with its chocolately goodness.

Then a slice of Medz Signature Rainbow Cake (SGD$6.90). It was soft and fluffy to the touch, gently filling the tongue with sweetness; not cloyingly so, but the rich cream was a little overkill I felt.  Other than that, it was pretty good and I felt it was on par with Le Chocolate's rainbow cake (only cream coated here instead of chocolate).

The rainbow cake here definitely won the toothache-inducingly sweet ones at Quarter to Three Cafe and the stone-textured ones at Backstage Cafe. The best rainbow cake I've had so far would still be the one at The Bakery Chef - cottony soft in texture and each layer has its own distinctive, fruity flavor..

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