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Thursday 21 January 2016

The Nuptial Series (xv) - Food Tasting for Banquet Dinner Menu

So now we have come to the exciting time - sampling of dishes for the wedding banquet dinner. We had a table of 10, comprising of family members from both the groom and bride's sides. The tasting session we selected was for a weekday evening at 7pm. Our names and the Ballroom of Tasting were flashed on the electronic notice boards so we knew exactly where to direct our "tasters" to.

The Tasting Ballroom was set up beautifully - with 2 round tables. I am not posting photos here for obvious reasons, but anyway, one table was furnished lavishly to let us see how the VIP decoration would be like, for the actual day. The table we conducted the food tasting was more simple in decor, but still comfortable, nonetheless. We browsed through the tasting menu, chatted with the coordinators and checked out the available colors for table cloths.

Tasting session commenced. We started with the usual "Cold Dish", but ours comprised of interesting items, not to be divulged of course.  Our hotel replaced Shark's Fin Soup with Lobster Soup automatically, which was very fine by us.  The tasting session was rather impressive, even the pickier relations liked it (I had deliberately asked along a couple of relatives I would classify as "gourmet" to come along to offer critique) - lots of rich items, seafood dishes and all were tasty.  Portions were satisfactory as well.

The tasting session comprised of 8-10 courses (depended on which package the couple signed up for). We ended with dessert of Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Hashma / Hashima. The Chef came in to introduce himself and asked for feedback. We provided some, so that changes could be made to a couple of courses to accommodate our guests (for the actual day) better.

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