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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Nuptial Series (vi) - Hunting for the Suits and Gowns - Part II (Review on Kelly's Bridal)

67 Ubi Road One, #08-06 Oxley BizHub, Singapore 408730
Tel: 8488 7821

After some planning, I came to the decision that I would like customise my ROM gown - the same gown I would bring over to Vancouver for my outdoor photoshoot. Therefore, it was important for the front of the dress to be shorter than the back - it would look nice in the great outdoors, and I could run around without tripping all over myself and become the laughingstock bride-to-be.

I approached a few boutiques that does fully customised gowns, bespoke, both overseas and locally. Kelly's Bridals was professional, efficient and prompt without being pushy. I sent Kelly 2 photographs to ask about the price of customising them (I saw them from an online website); she checked with her dressmaker and reverted within a day or two usually, never more than that.

This gave me assurance, because time was tight, and weddings are once-in-your-lifetime kind of affairs, so I could not afford to work with someone who'd disappear on me for days and then revert to ask for this and that.  I read up on some other reviews- no major incidents that were unreasonable, and decided to engage Kelly's Bridals.

Kelly explained the materials to me and justified the cost; and I received two sets of quotes - for rental and purchase of the gown.  I liked what I saw - both were well within my budget (below SGD$1,000), so I set an appointment to visit the unassuming, simple boutique located at Oxley BizHub (opposite Tai Seng MRT station).

Kelly was friendly and hospitable. The bridal studio was spacious, well-maintained and cosy. We sat down; water was served. Then Kelly took out the design I wanted, sketched it from scratch all over to ensure she had all the details down pat, editing till I was satisfied it resembled the gown in the photo I brought over.

Next, she took my measurements and advised me on the length of the back of the gown. After some discussion, I decided to purchase the gown instead of merely renting it - I can wear it next year for the tea ceremony too (save on rental of another gown for that!), and this gown was customised to fit me specifically, so why shouldn't I keep it? Anyway, the price was good - the difference between rental and purchase was not much.

I also checked out the bridal gown selection in the room before and the accessories.  She has generously offered to loan some accessories and bridal veil to me for the overseas photoshoot - which was mighty sweet of her!

It was also appreciated that she had to come into office earlier just to accommodate my timing - I felt bad as I wasn't aware that they started operating around 1.00pm. I was grateful for the flexibility, as well as the diligence and dedication into her work because sometimes I received emails from her at 3.00am into the night.

About one month and one week later, I was informed that the first fitting could be conducted. Meaning to say, my gown was ready! I was psyched, and revisited the bridal studio to wear the gown for the first time in my life.

The gown was beautiful, looking very much like the photo I had shown Kelly. As agreed, they had tailored it a little longer and "wider" so that there was room for further amendment just in case I changed my mind (i.e. wanted a longer train or gained more weight).

After ascertaining the exact measurement I wanted and taking some photos for me  / of me, we proceeded to look at accessories such as veils, gloves, tiara and jewelry which Kelly has so kindly offered to loan me for my photoshoot.

I made balance payment, was introduced to the seamstress who had meticulously created my dress from scratch, tried on some accessories and selected them, before setting another date to come back to collect the gown finally.

For males, you can also choose from an array of materials, colours and styles for your customised, bespoke, specially-tailored suits!

Thank you Kelly once again for the hard work and excellent service!

Keep a lookout for The Nuptial Series (vii) - on photography, makeup and styling my hair in Vancouver, Canada, coming up soon!

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