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Friday, 28 August 2015

The Nuptial Series - (ii) The Solemnisation / ROM (Registering of Marriage) Procedure

So, after the proposal in Part (i), the next step would be getting ourselves registered - be it for the purpose of the new place, or other plans in place.

Well, you have to understand first that even though I have many cousins and friends who have gotten married over the years, and I do understand the basic procedures from them (a little bit here and there), I did not call them for a hand-holding guide to planning for the wedding.   Granted, it would have made things so much more easier - where to look for what, what is the next step, etc.

But I don't want to spoil my own fun at being a bride, Hence, begins the tedious process of finding out about the ROM procedure (from scratch). The detailed information can be obtained through ROM's website here.

To break it down into even more laymen's terms for you, the summary is as follows:

(i) If you or your partner are Muslim, this is not for you, sorry. There is the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) for you here.

(ii)  If you are above 18 years of age and below 21 years old, you need consent of a parent or legal guardian.

(iii)  If your current marital status is "divorced" or "widowed", then ensure your previous marriage was legally dissolved and to provide necessarily documents (divorce papers, Statutory Declaration or death certificate of a deceased spouse, whichever is applicable).

(iv)  If you and / or spouse-to-be are not a Singaporean Citizen or PR, then ensure that you guys have been physically present in Singapore for a period of at least 15 days prior to the Date of Notice.

(v)  You can choose to solemnise your wedding at ROM's premises (booking by availability) or any venue of your choice.

(i)  There is a minimum 21 days' period required between your Date of Notice and Date of Marriage (solemnisation). That basically means, if your ideal marriage date is on 14 February, please file your notice LATEST by 24 January of the same year. I wouldn't leave it to last minute just to play safe.

(ii)  You can choose to do e-filing at the comfort of your home or anywhere that you please. If you require assistance on using e-services, do drop by any of the CitizenConnect Centres (CCCs) nearest to you, or e-Kiosks at ROM Building itself at 7 Canning Rise, Singapore 179869.

(iii)   Fill in all required details of both parties.

(iv)  Do note that the Date of Notice is the date which ROM has successfully received all required details of applicants.

(v)  For those who used e-filing services, please DO NOT call or visit the registry to check on your filing status.  Instead, please do a search online here.

(vi)  Upon successful filing, you will be given a Notice Number for reference. Print the "Summary of Notice of Marriage" out and appear before the ROM (a date will be given to you) to furnish your documents and make a declaration of your status.

(vii)   The documents required are copies of both your spouse-to-be and your IDs (for Singaporeans, use your NRICs and for foreigners, your passports), the Solemizer Consent Form and credit card details for payment.

(viii)   If your marital status is not "single" at the point of registering, please also submit relevant documents such as divorce papers, statutory declaration or ex-spouse's death certificate).

(ix)   You MAY NOT cancel your notice of marriage. The eligible marriage date shall lapse automatically after three (3) months of the Notice of Filing.

(x)  Similarly, the date of marriage / solemnisation has to take place within three (3) months of the Date of Notice.   If not, the applicants would need to re-file their notice for a fresh date.


(i).   Yes, you need to secure a solemniser before filing your marriage. You can choose from a list of licensed solemnisers who may also be Justice of the Peace, religious leaders, grassroots etc by clicking onto the ROM website here.

(ii)   What to look out for? The date of expiry for the License. Ensure that the license is still in force, and falls within the date you intend to get married.  

(iii)   Drop them an email or text (for those who provide a number). Most of them are usually very nice, and would respond within a day or two.

(iv)   Once you have secured a solemniser, meet up with him or her to sign the Invitation to Solemnise form (also known as the consent form) - see photo above. A copy of the form may be downloaded here.

(v)   Do note that the solemnisers are not supposed to charge any fees for their help. However, you know you need to be nice and offer a token of appreciation at your own volition right....? :)

(vi)   REMEMBER to ask your solemniser for his or her solemniser buddy's contacts - just in case something crops up and your solemniser cannot make it.

Well, I hope this helps! Have fun searching for your solemnisers and filing your Notice of Marriage!

Keep a lookout for the next post in The Nuptial Series, I will be touching on some lovely ideas and information on Solemnisation Venues.

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