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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Afternoon Tea at M Hotel's Club Lounge

81 Anson Road, Level 28, M Hotel, Singapore 079908
Tel: 6224 1133

The view from the windows- yes we sat by the windows

I used to dine at Cafe 2000 (review here) of M Hotel very often with *C, a friend I'd loved like a sister. But anyway, that was in the past. Anyway, here I am again, invited for afternoon tea cum catching up session with a busy view of our well-established port.

The lounge was pretty empty on a Friday afternoon, with a cosy and comfortable setting in muted tones, reminding one of a home away from home. The service crew was polite, and the array of afternoon tea snacks was good enough; there were also reading materials for those who wish to enjoy some solitide serenade on their own.

For food, there were savoury items such as fish nuggets, chicken wings, duck rillette with bread on the side, as well as sandwiches and some small appetiser items.

For desserts, there were plenty of options - miniature cakes, cookies, fruits and cheese, as well as macarons etc.

Whether one cares for hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc), cold beverages or some wine, there is something to satisfy everyone's preferences.

I had the Hot Chocolate while *Gareth had the Cappuccino.  My hot chocolate was rich in flavour surprisingly - not milky at all, and not "milo" replacement that many places serve up. It was pure liquid chocolate, rather smooth and soothing to the palate.

We tried some of the starters - the plate that mixes the savoury and sweet items is not mine. Haha.  The Roast Beef was good - juicy and succulent.

I enjoyed this tiny wedge of prune draped with ham and served with halved olive was quite uniquely lovely, small bite-sized burst of flavours.

The Physalis with Cheese was another thing of beauty, merging the tartiness of the tiny orange fruit and saltiness of cheese to form a tasteful union.

The Salami with onion and caviar was a little heavy on flavours, but anything with caviar comforts me - just to feel it popping in my mouth gently and the fluid flowing over my tongue deliciously.

Actually this was the first plate I'd started with - desserts!  I was in a cookies mood - hence swept an assortment of them. The tiny Chocolate Tart was good - the crust was very crunchy to my surprise, and chocolate curd thick and velvety. The Macarons were not cloyingly sweet, which were rather pleasant delights.

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