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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Afternoon Tea at Tuxedo Cafe @ Carlton City Hotel

1 Gopeng Street, Lobby Level, Carlton City Hotel, Singapore 078862
Tel: 6632 8888

Tuxedo Cafe is a loving tribute to European coffeehouse culture, embodying definitive style and elegance. The immaculate decor complete with glossy floorboards and black-bowed chairs, brings out the touch of class in utterly comfortable settings tended by a service crew that brings service up to top notch.

This was one of the weirdest cafe-hopping experiences I've ever had, allow me to share it so you can get some humour from my blog :)   I had popped into this cafe to get some coffee and pastries to pay  *Katherine a surprise visit at her office nearby, since most of the cafes in the vicinity are closed today, being a Monday.  However, since I got there close to her knockoff time, and the aroma of Tuxedo Cafe's coffee was too irresistable, and we both needed a place to chill before our respective next appointments, WE HEADED BACK TO TUXEDO CAFE and sat there for catching up, cafe-hopping as well as ordered more food for sharing.

Boy, was I unabashed. But hey, it was too lovely a place to miss having a cuppa or two in!

Anyway, moving on, their freshly-brewed coffee and handcrafted pastries have always enticed me, so today was the day to get a taste.

We started with a Quiche (SGD$6.00) filled with mushrooms and cheese, with an incredible crust that was solid and soft at the same time, retaining a lovely buttery flavour so it held its own perfectly well. Each bite held a subtle crunch to it, connecting well with the smooth custard-like texture of the cheese.

The Mini Cakes (SGD$2.50 for 3 pieces) were too tempting and affordable to resist, so we succumbed, selecting a trio to try - namely the Chocolate one, the Chocolate Truffle one and the Cheesecake one. Don't underestimate the power of these small cake minions - their allure is by lingering in the mouths deliciously after you get over their soft, velvety sweet flavours, so that you keep yearning to go back for more, or wishing they'd come in regular slices.

Following that, we had some very fluffy Waffles by the name of "Strawberry Shortcake" (SGD$15.00), an excellent recommendation by the lady who tended to us. Upon taking the first bite, we knew what they meant by watching out for the "texture" when we commented on its beauty. The waffles were extremely fluffy! - so light and crispy and melty, literal food-falls treading upon the tongue like a dance. The pairing of cream and raspberry ice-cream completed this dessert perfectly. We were wowed, that's all I could say.

As for beverages, I chose a Cafe Mocha (SGD$5.00) which wafted definite aroma of coffee amidst the chocolate and milk concoction, and every sip was rich and silky.

*Katherine's Latte (SGD$6.00),  served in a takeout cup because I'd initially bought it to surprise her at work. Anyway, it was the strong aroma of this cup of coffee that eventually led us back to the cafe - even as I was carrying it to cross the road to bring it to her, the fragrance was simply undeniable. The first sip did not disappoint at all - every sip was packed with the sapidity of good coffee, no trace of any sour trail at all. It tasted exactly as good as it smelt - a rarity, and definitely worth every single penny.

Some discoveries, even by accident, simply bring us on the road to goodness we never knew existed.... and some places have it all - good food and drinks, lovely ambience and impeccable service. We had such a fabulous time at Tuxedo Cafe, and look forward to be back for more good food and drinks.

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