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Monday, 18 May 2015

Dinner at Montana Brew Bar @ PoMo

1 Selegie Road #01-04 PoMo, Singapore 188306
Tel: 9833 1790

Being a waffles fan, I was rather psyched to hear about Montana Brew Bar and its range of savoury and sweet waffles. So when *Celine mentioned she would like to visit as well, we set a date and headed down to the tiny, open-concept cafe located at the basement of PoMo (the ex-Paradiz Centre).

I started with an Iced Mocha (SGD$6.00) with Montana HouseBlend beans (dried fruits, red grape, plum, intense lingering aftertaste with hints of floral, blueberry and dark chocolate flavour notes). It was served so prettily in a wine glass I was almost reticent to drink it. And yes, it was sweet and delicious, smooth as silk as it slid down the throat.

*Celine had a Latte with toasted marshmallows (SGD$6.20); it looked so inviting especially with the marshmallows bobbing on the foamy surface of the milky coffee.

We shared 4 waffles between us so that we could try different types of waffles here (who knows when might be the next time we come by again?).

The first was "The Ultimate" Truffle Jalapeno Mac & Cheese waffle (SGD$12.50). The crispy, golden-brown waffles with their sharp outlines opened up to reveal a creamy interior of cheese, truffle and macaroni. The tangy Jalapeno flavour stood out distinctly from the velvety macaroni-cheese mush within. For this case, looks were deceiving - the interior did not look as thick or rich as we had expected, but the flavour came through strongly, making this a rather tasty savoury waffle.

Next, we had the Southern Fried Chicken Waffle-wich (SGD$10.50) with spicy mustard coleslaw. Being a closet lover of crispy fried chicken, this definitely cut it for me - crispy waffle with crackly fried chicken, enhanced dramatically with a spicy mustard punch.

You can also read up on Sin Lee Cafe's fried chicken on waffle here, another delicious chicken waffle-wich, just without the spicy flavour.

Time for desserts now! We began with a Red Velvet Waffle Stack (SGD$10.50) with vanilla ice-cream and rose sauce. This beautiful and artistically-arranged dessert waffles looked so enticing on its own, all that ruby red and cream tones. The rose syrup aka bandung flavour made this waffle very lovely, served with fluffy, soft and light waffles (different from the crispy ones for the savoury waffles), like eating cakes. We could easily see why this limited-per-day waffle is constantly raved about.

Lastly, the Matcha Strawberry Field Waffles (SGD$9.50) served with vanille ice-cream, fresh strawberries and mango passionfruit spheres. Unfortunately the waffle failed to bring out the fragrance of green tea; the waffles tasted pretty bland, only the fruits managed to ignite the flavour of this selection at all.

Overall, we rather enjoyed the food and coffee here, and the barristers were very friendly.

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