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Monday, 20 October 2014

Dinner at Chicken Up Restaurant @ Tanjong Pagar

50 Tanjong Pagar Road , Singapore 088471
Tel: 6327 1203

Tonight we decided to have fried chicken.... actually we wanted the fruit Soju more... hence The Four Friends met up at Chicken Up, a Korean fried chicken restaurant amongst a row of shophouses along Tanjong Pagar area.

The interesting thing about Chicken Up is that they remove the layer of fats from the chicken skin and double fry the chicken so that it would still be tender and juicy but not greasy. Well, let's see about that.   Anyway, they used to have Fried Chicken Buffet but have done away with that now.

We ordered pretty shortly and began with the Ganjang Up Fried Chicken (SGD$20.00) - soya flavored fried chicken. Well, quite crispy on the outside, and as promised the meat was juicy and tender without the usual oiliness. The soy-marinated flavor was rather distinctive, giving the chicken a lovely taste.

Next, our Truffle Fries (SD$12.00) were served - pretty all right fries redolent with the greasy-flavored truffle oil.

Next, we had the Spicy Up Fried Chicken (SGD$18.00) - well, I believe that the name itself needs no introduction. The skin was more crispy for this one, and I enjoyed the spicy flavor of the succulent chicken although *Katherine, *Zachery and *Edison all preferred the soy chicken more. Perhaps I enjoy heavier / spicier flavors more? Nonetheless, remember - crispy skin on the outside, succulent flesh within with very little hint of greasiness.

Sinful, I know, but once in a while indulgence. The crew went around every table to take photos for their Facebook page.

Anyway, we also had drinks. This is the Pineapple Soju (SGD$30.00) served in a large pineapple shell, mixed with sweet pineapple juice and Korean alcohol SOJU. They were served in dainty little glasses and tasted very refreshing - hints of the bitter soju was minimal and lost within the cold sweetness of the pineapple drinks.

Next, we had the Watermelon Soju (SGD$38.00) - a very huge watermelon shell containing watermelon juice and an entire bottle of SOJU. For this, we drank with small shell-shaped bowls. The watermelon juice was very cooling and parched our thirst, defending us against the heaty delicacy we'd just eaten. For this one, the taste of the soju became even lighter since the watermelon shell is larger than the pineapple husk. Nonetheless, I loved this saccharine drink.

We decided to go for one more drink over chillout and catching up and celebration of *Edison's birthday before calling it a night. Hence, we tried the Bokbunja Sangria (SGD$30.00) - a mixture of raspberry wine with slices of fruits within (apples, lemon in this case) - sweet but rather potent when it first hit the palate. It was another refresher and we enjoyed the wine-soaked fruits at the end of the drinks session.

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