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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tea Break at Le Chocolat Cafe @ The Club Hotel

28 Ann Siang Road, Level 1, The Club Hotel, Singapore 069708
Tel: 6808 2188

I finally went to Le Chocolat Cafe after much deliberation - for the sake of their famous Rainbow Cake. The small boutique hotel was rather easy to locate on Ann Siang Hill, and the tiny cafe was done in clean, white shades with Neo-modern furniture.

We moved from this comfortable couch area to a proper table as it was too low for eating (need to keep bending over). The only menu was the one on the board , and rather limited to just burgers and sandwiches.

They do have many delectable looking pastries and cakes though, and I was at a loss of what to order. My colleague had already decided he wanted savoury item, leaving me to the sweeter aspects of this meal.

I started with a Pink Sky drink (SGD6.90) - water melon blended juice. It was delicious, and definitely thirst-quenching.

Then the Strawberry-Tofu Cake (SGD5.00) - a soft slab of sweet pastry with a chocolate topping and real strawberries. It was a little sweet, and the texture was a cross between meringue and marshmallows. The red gooey strawberry syrup sauce around the cake added a touch of color and sweetness to the already saccharine dessert.

Now the long-awaited Rainbow Cake (SGD7.00) - I could almost smell its chiffony aroma as I am posting this picture now! This chocolate-coated delicacy was soft, and every melt-in-your-mouth layer was tasty. It was not too sweet, but retained a fragrance that was a cross between butter, chiffon and fruits amongst the rich flavor of cream. I loved it.

My colleague and newfound friend had The Club Burger (SGD$19.00) - tender strips of smokey beef between crusty bread and served with crispy fries. He said it was a scrumptious burger.

Basically, I think Le Chocolat Cafe is more of a desserts place, given its lack of / limited savoury mains. I heard their brunch is all right too, so you might like to pop by over the weekend.

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