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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fashion / Accessories - The Journey of Black Styling

Black dress with one-piece layover and sequined neckline, with fishtail hem

Today, we talk about my clothes - both the working attires, evening dresses and weekend apparel. Many people have complained that they always see me in black, and that it wouldn't hurt to don some white or pastel / brighter hues.

Black dress with flap over front of dress, pleat skirt portion and silver studs along neckline.

Even on my recent trip overseas, when it was Summertime - the season of flowery sundresses and fair colors - I was in lightweight black dresses throughout.

Black dress with sheath at shoulder area, and gold collar cuff

I believe that everyone has a comfort color - a range or single color they feel very at home in, feel confident and beautiful / sexy in. Black is my forte - the color that makes me feel totally sensual, bold and attuned to. Whenever I pop into a boutique or store, the first section that catches my eyes would be the black sector, the one that draws me over.

Sleeveless, short, black dress with white polka dots

Ask me, why black? Why not other colors? How did I single it out to be the color for me? Three reasons.

Black sleeveless dress with purple-and-black skirt portion, one of my favorite casual dresses

First off, I have always had a darker side to me - the gothic, mysterious, Bohemian and slightly dangerous side to me. Hence black defines me and makes me feel sheltered, creative and it draws the night closer to me.

Black sleeveless dress with fishtail hem, a favorite work dress of mine

Secondly, when I was younger, I always looked too young for my age. We are talking about adolescent years here, where one tends to need to most sense of security and assurance. With baby fats on my cheeks and my petite frame, I always looked younger than my peers. And because of that, there were times I caused them not to be able to sneak into clubs with higher age limit (for the more loyal ones who stood by me as a group) or I alone could not enter some clubs that my friends could steal their way in.

Short black dress with flapped sheath at the left arm, suitable for parties or dinners

Black made me look older, more mature and sophisticated. That is why until now, I still wear a lot of black - it makes me feel secure, safe, and more elegant. I can be myself when I am in this color - my source of confidence.

Black sleeveless dress with silvery-white metallic details lining the armholes

Lastly, black is able to hide my bodily flaws and allow me to appear slimmer than I really am. No joke here - everyone knows that black makes one appear more svelte, and I felt for that spell. I feel prettier in black, and I can always count on it to bring out the best in me. It is a bonus that black matches everything perfectly - shoes, bags, accessories and makeup colors.

Short black dress with flare skirt and lacey long sleeves

Oh, also, does one not notice that black makes one's naturally fair skin appear even fairer by stark contrast?

Black sleeveless flare dress with sequins lining collar and shoulders

Wearing black everyday does not have to be boring, contrary to what everyone thinks or believes. There are many types of fabrics and styles to a black dress - even the simplicity of sorting the black dresses into long, short , sleeveless, long-sleeved or tube dresses gives each individual dress a distinctive difference.

Black sleeveless linen dress with gold-laced details

Besides that, every black dress has different details that makes it stand out from the other piece as well - pearl necklines, gold straps, glittery studs, or white stripes incorporated amongst clean black lines, are enough to differentiate and distinguish every black dress I own.

Black sleeveless dress with gold-and-silver pearls lining neckline

I have a black dress, or black top for every occasion -  be it formal, dressy or casual. Do not heed the myths that black clothes absorb more heat (it really depends a lot on the materials your clothes are made of!) or black is an unlucky / mourning color. I wear black for luck, I wear black for beauty, and I wear black for parties - it has never failed me before.

Black dress with silk and lace details matched with Raoul belt

Having said that, fret not - my wardrobe does not comprise of a sea of darkness merely. Yes, I do own pieces of dark blue (navy / royal blue) dresses, dark brown, dark gray pieces. For certain occasions, I do wear my blue lacey dresses that makes me appear younger and more flirtatious, or white just to illuminate certain things on certain days.

Long-sleeved black dress with boxy shoulders

In conclusion, black is and will always remain a favorite color of mine. Some of the dresses shown here are just a handful of examples - and I will still continue my collection of black dresses.

Black dress with gold straps matched with a slim black-and-gold belt

Black dress with white details at midriff area, for more casual or travel purposes.

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