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Monday 4 August 2014

Dinner at Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe

141 Middle Road #01-01 GSM Building, Singapore 188976
Tel: 6336 8675

The first time I passed by Stuttgart Blackfores Boutique S-Cafe, I stopped to look at the lifesize German soldier figurines and thought it was some kind of Toy Story themed cafe, so I did not give it much thought. How wrong I was!

The Beau and I decided to come here for dinner tonight after I did a re-research on this place, and it turned to be a hidden gem near Bugis Junction. It was a German restaurant / cafe / lounge done in exact fashion of the Black Forest in Germany - the largest and highest mountain range in Baden-Wutternburg.  It was so beautiful - all trees, ponds and water-wheels, as though one were really lost in the vast folds of Germany's Black Forest.

The servers were all dressed in the black and white uniforms of ancient German army uniforms. Their service was impeccable and polite. Better yet, there was a live band performing on alternate Saturdays, and we were fortunate enough to catch their good singing that night.

We looked around the spacious, breathtaking cafe and chose a corner seat where the wall was mounted with many Cuckoo Clocks (they are all authentic, working, and for sale). There were baskets on the floor for one to put their bags and purses into, how thoughtful!

So we ordered, and waited for the food to be served. They let us have this basket of extremely delicious, freshly-baked bread to start with - the harder baguette was very crunchy whereas the foccacia was silken soft. The herb butter added an exotic flavor.

We had some German Radler beers (SGD$12.00 each) as well (water used to make beer is from Black Forest!) and a very delicious cup of hot English Breakfast tea.

Our Organic Pasta with Cream Sauce (SGD$14.00) was being served first. Ingredients were kept to a minimum, but they were refreshingly fresh. The grain pasta was soft with a chewy hint, like barley, and the overall flavor was light but tasty.

Next, our Chicken in White Wine Mushroom Sauce and homemade Swabian Pasta (SGD$15.00) was being served. At first taste, the dish was rather bland overall. However, the flavor slowly grows on you - the soft, smooth pasta was like a more tender version of macaroni - while the sapid tingy flavor of white wine sauce was rather prominent. It blended well with the heavy taste of shiitake mushroom and light luscious flavor of succulent chicken slices.

Finally, the next main was the Single Portion Pork Knuckle, Sauerkraut, and Potato Salad (SGD$18.00) -  the mere thoughtfulness of a single portion pork knuckle was already raking up points for this dish / restaurant. The skin was very crispy while the meat was juicy and tender. The potato salad consisted of very tiny chunks of potatoes and tasted like a dreamy mashed potato side.

So far, we were happy - and then the Blackforest Cake (SGD$10.00). If I could ever give a blackforest cake a 12 upon 10 (never mind that I love blackforest cakes already, by nature!), this would be it! Large and juicy black cherries embedded amongst layers of cream and rich chocolate chiffon, a crunchy cookies base and the cake was infused with alcohol! These days, with most bakeries trying to cater to the children or halal crowd, one hardly finds an authentic version of the blackforest cake anymore - but here, we have it! I could have the entire cake in a whim, if I did not eat the main courses earlier on. Ok, that's me - you need to give this creamy, moist delicacy a try to believe it for yourself, after all - tasting is believing.


Besides the delicious food, entertaining live band and spectacular decor, there are wines, wine jam, beer jam etc strewn around the huge cafe for sale too.

The second level, where the restrooms are, nestles more tables and seats for diners. Better yet, it is a gorgeous art gallery of its own, with lots of beautiful and exquisite art items courtesy of Germany.

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