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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dinner at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant

Standing at the large, newly-added atrium of Plaza Singapura, at a loss of what to have for dinner as there were simply too many restaurants and we were spoilt for choice! In the end, *Cheyene suggested having dinner at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant after we walked around the atrium twice. 

Hifumi is located at 68 Orchard Road #04-68 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Atrium, Singapore 238839 and the number to dial is 6338 4712. So here we were, being warmly welcomed into the clean-cut, pretty Japanese restaurant that was spacious and had a very hearty feel to it - think, brightly lit, earthly hues, and tables of happy diners chattering away while attacking their food.

What caught our attention was really the All-You-Can-Eat / Buffet-style Appetizer Station. There was a rather vast selection of appetizers that we could choose from, once we placed orders for a main course. There were assortments of cha soba (cold greentea noodles), riceball desserts, cherry tomatoes, baby corns, grilled vegetables, fish balls, soya beans, fried yam balls etc. It was a spread, and definitely tempting to try everything.

In the end, I just had a modest serving of Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg), a handful of cherry tomatoes, baby corn and fried yam ball. The Chawanmushi was tasty, but a little diluted. The fried yam ball was fragrant and rather crispy on the outside, sweetly sticky on the inside.

My main course came first - Curry Vegetable with rice - a large pot of bubbling hot curry filled to the brim with colorful ingredients such as hard-boiled egg, baby corns, brocooli, carrots, capsicums, brinjal and mushrooms. The curry sauce was just nice - not too thick or diluted. Best of all, it was the first Japanese curry that I'd eaten that was spicy instead of sweet. I liked this!

*Cheyene had the Hotplate Steak  with black pepper sauce - a tender piece of rather lean beef served with baby carrots, potato wedges and brocooli on a steamy hotplate. The taste was rather sumptuous, and the beef was rather succulent despite it being well / medium well done.

For this meal that came with rather decent food and attentive service, each of us spent SGD$24.50, which was very worth it, especially when one thinks back on the all-you-can-eat appetizer bar.

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