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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lunch at Marutama Ramen

So, I did lunch at Marutama Ramen, the "first authentic Japanese ramen that specializes in Toripaitan soup and Tamago"... or better (casually) known as "Basketball Ramen" because of its logo at the door and on the menu.

My colleague, Cara* strongly recommended it, and since there was an outlet near our appointment venue, we decided to give it a go. They used to have more outlets, but the one at United Square has closed down. The address for this current Marutama Ramen restaurant is located at 177 River Valley Road #02-01 / 02 Liang Court, Singapore 179030 and the number to dial is 6837 2480.

Welcomed by friendly and polite wait staff to a dark-wood table with smoothly polished wood, we plopped onto the couch seat and looked through the menus. Then we placed orders and were all set to enjoy a bowl of hot ramen soup each.

I got myself the Ebi Ramen (chicken soup ramen with fresh prawns) - ramen, by the way, is a kind of handmade Japanese noodles.  The soup was very delicious - containing the goodness of chicken stock and the sweetness of large fresh prawns. The noodles were smooth and springy enough; the prawns were cooked to a lovely tender perfection. 

Though, after the initial hit of the tastiness of the soup base and noodles, I got a little sick halfway through the meal as I gradually found the soup to be a tad oily. The layer of oil could in fact be detected at first glance upon serving, but I had ignored it. The grease got a tad overwhelming halfway into the meal, and I just finished up the remainder of the braised egg and prawns.

I spent SGD$21.00 on this meal inclusive of a green tea drink.

Overall, I would say that this place is good enough for its simple, serene atmosphere, polite service, and rather sumptuous ramen. Do give it a try, but perhaps you may want to filter out the top layer of oil in the soup before digging in.

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