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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lunch at Cafe 2000 @ M Hotel

With a couple of close clients and good friends working in the vicnity of M Hotel Singapore, it was inevitable that we would end up doing lunches at Cafe 2000 at M Hotel. So we did, yes, and it is a lovely place to dine in, regardless of whether you choose the buffet or order from the a la carte menus.

Located at 81 Anson Road, level One, M Hotel, Singapore 079908, the number to hit for reservations is 6500 6112.

So far, it has always been a la carte order lunches for us, since we were not big eaters.

The cafe is always filled up with busy executives / business types during lunch hour, and the polite hosts always manages to find seats for us despite of the lack of reservations of crowdedness. We appreciated that, of course. This elegantly-furnished place comes with an easy-going setting and comfortable hues of brown-beige tones to provide diners a totally relaxed meal setting.

Once order is placed, an egg-shaped bread roll along with butter would be served for the diners to get a headstart on their meals. While not very soft, this roll makes for great chewing texture, and tastes amazingly well with lightly-flavored butter.

I had the Smoked Salmon Salad - fresh salmon amongst sweet, crisp greens endorsed with flakes of cheese - this salad is healthy and absolutely delicious.

*Sheryl had the Spaghetti Bolognese - that came with greens atop, a rather unique concept. The pasta was soft but not soggy, and tasted awesomely lovely of quality minced beef. She especially loved it that there was sprigs of vegetables accompanying the otherwise plainly-ingrediented pasta dish. The minced beef was lean, and cooked to tender tastiness; with a lightly-based tomato sauce.

*Christal tried the Asian dish of Fried Hokkien Noodles (fried Chinese yellow and white noodles with prawns, squids, and tiny strips of pork). It was served on banana leaf - something that's a rarity these days, and hence a delight to us. The aroma was tantalizing, and the generous portions of seafood added to the sumptuousness of this dish. Although one could easily find nice Fried Hokkien Noodles in hawker centres or food courts at perhaps 1/4 of the price here, this dish did not disappoint , and was worth every single cent.

We spent SGD$25.00 each on our meals here usually. We loved the Western-Asian Fusion menu for sure, and would like to try their buffet spread someday.

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