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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lunch at Smoothie King @ Marina Bay Financial Link Mall

8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-11, Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984
Tel: 6834 3542

So, Smoothie King started with its founder Steve Kuhnau who experimented and created nutritious, healthy remedies to counter his allergies and low blood sugar in the 1960s. Apparently, his concoction of blending real fruits, nutrients and proteins aided his health conditions, hence a health food store was set up in 1973. Today, there are over 650 Smoothie King franchise outlets around the globe, bringing to people healthy and nutritious meals.

What prompted me to try this was really because whenever I passed by Smoothie King at Marina Bay Link Mall, it was empty (a pity), but I needed some quiet spot for getting some work done, so here I was.

One has to order at the counter, selecting from an assortment of hot and grill wraps, fresh wraps, soft taco wraps or salads. There were also choices between spicy, honey mustard, BBQ flavors etc. The main eye-catcher though, was the calorie count listed next to every item.... very informative, and definitely a great influence over my choice of order.

Eventually I settled for a Spicy Chicken Breast Soft Taco Wrap (166 cal) - because I like taco shells and I enjoy spicy flavor. Coincidentally, it was the also lowest calories on the entire list :)    So, it was served on a small paper tray with soft taco shell, spicy chicken breast, tomato cubes. cheese slivers and shredded lettuce. The slab of chicken breast was juicy and tender; when eaten together with the fresh vegetables, the teeth and palate are treated to a delightful burst of flavors.

The only problem I had with this delicious wrap was the difficulty in eating it (can't hold the entire soft taco up because ingredients would seep through the openings, but somewhat hard to stab at using a plastic fork).

The Smoothies are divided into categories as well - refreshing, slim and lite, and nutritional meals - with detailed description next to each drink. There was also a list of enhancers that one could choose to add on, such as collagen, antioxidant, energy etc.

I selected the Very Berry Smoothie with a shot of Collagen tossed in (additional SGD$1.00). My Mix-and-Match set cost SGD$9.90. The smoothie was creamy and thick in texture, strongly aromatic with berries' sweetness, and of course tasted especially good with the knowledge that I was drinking something nutritious with collagen infused.

On another visit, I had the Fresh Spicy Chicken Breast Wrap (274 cal) and had the Acai Adventure Smoothie, comprising of the goodness of acai berries, blueberries etc.

The Wrap was very flavorful and spicy enough to tingle the tastebuds; the chicken was tender. The only drawback was the onion I'd forgotten to ask them to remove. The sweet and thick smoothie once again made me feel rejuvenated and healthy.

Overall, I enjoyed the overall dining experience at Smoothie King, and look forward to be back for more healthy, tasty items soon.

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