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Friday, 15 May 2015

Lunch at Menya Musashi @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Road #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Tel: 6336 6500

After a hardworking day of volunteering work on a Saturday morning, we decided to reward ourselves a little by having a ramen meal at the nearby mall, hence Menya Musashi it was! When this outlet first opened, there were always long queues, so the I-will-not-queue-for-food me have yet to try it till now.

There was no queue (it was already close to 2.00pm) so we were ushered in immediately, all 3 of us - *Katherine, her niece and I.  The decor was very modern and bright, with Japanese artwork lending it a touch of culture.

We started with Hot Green Tea on the house, while we browsed the menus and ordered using the tablet mounted on the walls. They have three main soup base for their ramen, so we chose one from each category.

The starter to share was Gyoza (SGD$5.90), Japanese meat dumplings. They have the steamed and pan-fried variations, so we chose the latter. The dumplings here were pretty non-descript, and the dumplings skin was rather thick.

First ramen to be served was the Black Shabu Ramen (SGD$14.90), using a variety of black sauce, garlic and onion, giving it a heavier flavor that is nonetheless very aromatic. The shabu pork was rather tender, making for a satisfying but rather average ramen meal, served with the essential flavored egg, bamboo shoot and spring onion.

The White Chashu Ramen (SGD14.90) features the signature white tonkotsu broth made by boiling a substantial amount of pork bones, giving it a rich and creamy taste.  The succulent slices of chashu pork was the highlight of this dish naturally, infused deliciously in the tasty broth.

I chose the Red Seafood Ramen (SGD$15.90), a pool of supposedly spicy soup base laden with lots of seafood - prawns, squids, scallops, flavored egg etc. The soup was not spicy at all, so I kept dousing Japanese red chilli powder onto it; the noodles were rather limp as well.   While it made for a passable bowl of ramen when one is hungry (and I was), I have had better ones elsewhere.

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