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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lunch at O'Coffee Club @ Changi Airport

65 Airport Boulevard Level 2, LF1, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663

Tel: 6585 6369

O'Coffee Club is another coffee haven that needs no introduction - since its days of being known merely as "The Coffee Club" till now. Well it still serves an extensive menu of cakes and interesting beverages concocted of coffee and tea etc; with some rather good main courses for those looking for a proper meal.

I hang out sometimes at the Changi Airport Terminal 3's branch when I go to the East for work, sorting out my thoughts or simply needing some tranquility. Sad to note that service was getting from bad to worse - we were neglected half the time, to the extent I had to pour my own iced water.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I will be recommending two of my most favorite items there, the first being the Classic Caesar Salad in Homemade Cheese Basket (SGD$14.90) , and I would add smoked salmon (SGD$3.90) to complete the meal usually. In the past it was known was Salmon Caesar in Cheese Basket, but now I guess they allow more flexibility.

One seldom gets a Caesar Salad done wrong, as I often say - and this does indeed contain all the essentials such as Romaine Lettuce, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, bacon bits, croutons, Parmesan and the mayonnaise which I usually ask them to do without.  The Cheese Basket is crispy, and tastes of cheese in the right tone - not too strong or salty. It is a joy to have this at all times, and I have seen introduced it to a few friends aka converters.

Now, the other darling of mine here is the Blackforest Blend (SGD$12.90) - all the must have ingredients of chocolate, coffee, cherries and a slosh or two of alcohol. I usually ask them to remove the cream. Anyway, this tastes just simply awesome and addictive - bittersweet in its own right.

Of course, the standard differs from outlet to outlet, and till date I still believe that my most preferred O'Coffee Club outlet is at Harbourfront Centre - where they get everything right, from food to drinks to ambience to service.

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