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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Dinner at Seafood Paradise @ Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue, #02-03 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956
Tel: 6688 7051

December is the month of feasting, and as The Beau's and his niece's birthday both fall within the month, we had a family dinner at Seafood Paradise.

Since its humble beginnings in 2002, starting out as a modest seafood restaurant at Defu Lane, Seafood Paradise has since blossomed into a full-fledge Chinese fine-dining restaurant under the Paradise Group. As such, we had no doubt about their food quality, and were looking forward to our meal here. The interior was spacious, tastefully decorated, but service could be improved upon.

We started with a pot of Hot Chrysanthemum Tea - clear, light and comforting.

Foodwise, Bamboo Clams (SGD$13.90 per piece) was served first - fresh, springy, fleshy, aromatic with garlic flavour, sitting on a bed on enoki mushroom - utterly addictive.

Then Sea Bass with Brinjal (SGD$40.00 for medium), served in claypot and tossed with spring onion, chilli as well as bamboo shoots. The stir-fried pieces of fish was laced with natural sweetness, nearly crispy around the edges, and very easy on the palate.

Kai Lan stir-fried with garlic dices made for a good balance among the meaty meal, our source of vitamins and fibre.

The Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs (SGD$6.80 per piece) was like a giant lollipop, with tender meat that fell off the rack easily. Crispy on the exterior and glazed beautifully with honey, this was another dish that we found immensely satisfying.

Next, Seafood Fried Rice - well greased but not oily, tossed with good portions of shrimps and scallop cubes. While this dish was rather well-executed, it lacked the "wok-hei" (aka "wok's breath") that we look for in good fried rice dishes.

Finally, the highlights that we came for - Sri Lankan Crabs. We started with their signature Creamy Butter Crab (SGD$80.00) comprising evaporated milk, white pepper, butter, sugar, curry leaves, chilli and lemongrass, exuding a myriad of exotic fragrance through the smooth creaminess of the broth.

Black Pepper Crab (SGD$80.00) was pleasing as well, bold in its spicy notes; the coarse ground grains created a lovely texture that the teeth enjoyed biting on as well.

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Seafood Paradise as well as the variety of dishes - there were still many things that enticed us but we did not order as it would be too much for us. We look forward to returning for another feast someday soon.

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