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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lunch at Pool Grill @ Marriott Hotel

320 Orchard Road, Level 5, Marriott Hotel Tang Plaza, Singapore 238865
Tel: 6831 4605

Being a lover of anything facing the sea, pool, pier or marinas, it wasn't surprising that I would stumble upon Pool Grill at Marriott Hotel.

A casual elegant alfresco dining concept hidden on level 5 of Marriott Hotel, done in all white and set against a deep cobalt blue pool - the setting was romantic, and breathtaking. We had the perfect weather that allowed for enjoyment of the gorgeous pool view - cloudy and cool, no cutting glare from the glisten of sun-hit water surface.

Service was impressive from start to finish, polite crew attentively ensuring that we had a good dining experience, and understanding the guests' needs impeccably.

Items on menu consisted of starters, soups, pastas, poultry and of course their signature grilled items. Drinks and wine lists were pretty comprehensive as well.

We started with drinks, naturally. Iced Mocha (SGD $10.50) was described to be deliciously redolent with chocolate infusion. My Mojito (SGD $9.90) was a refreshing drink with the right hints of mint and sweetness. It looked so pretty and clear.

Their bread was served with interesting dipping platter of Butter, Olive Oil with vinegar and a crushed Nutty dip.

Grilled Asparagus (SGD $10.00) with shaved parmesan and balsamic reduction was a good appetizer; I never thought to pair asparagus with parmesan- the combination of its luscious crunch against the salted cheese was brilliant.

Pan-fried Cod Fish (SGD $38.00) was served with cauliflower tempura and confit garlic, with Shiraz reduction. Lightly crispy around the edges, the sweet freshness of flesh flaked off like snow, bouncy to the bite, and melting in the palate brilliantly.

From the grill items, we selected Grilled Tiger Prawns (SGD $39.00); that was 6 tiger prawns, around 240grams in total. The seafood was served with a single very-sweet vine cherry as well as Dragoncello butter on the side. Loved the smokiness that filled the prawn's natural luscious flesh, and the crunch of its springy freshness.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch here very much, tranquil and beautific, with good service as well as palatable food. I can easily imagine brunching at this beautiful place as well, and shall try it out soon.

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