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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dinner at Golden Beach Seafood Paradise @ Changi Beach Club

2 Andover Road, level 2, Changi Beach Club, Singapore 509984
Tel: 6542 7720

Decided to have dinner with the family one weekend, with the poolview-facing front and sea-surrounding everywhere else. The ceiling-to-floor glass windows made it possible; one felt like they were dining in the middle of the sea.

The interior decor was spacious and simple in design; uncluttered, fuss-free, neat. Menu was mainly Chinese cuisine - soup dishes, array of seafood, vegetables and polutry. Service was decent; staff appeared diligent but seemed to lack product knowledge.

We started with Crispy Fish Skin (SGD $6.00) for appetizers (they also served Braised Peanuts which I did not photograph).

Prawn Paste Chicken (SGD $8.00) was up next - crispy on the exterior and crumbled readily in the mouth, with succulent flesh.

Then it was Sauteed Scallops with Broccoli (SGD $22.00), crunchy and fresh brocooli stalks with mid-sized, springy scallops, gently sweet-flavored.

Following that, we had Spare Ribs (SGD $16.00) served with vegetables and Onion Rings on the side. Spare Ribs looked rather Westernized-style, huge pieces of juicy, tender ribs marinated with honey. The onion rings were all batter and very little onions detected though.

Half Roasted Chicken (SGD$16.80) was moistened, with crispy skin and served with prawn crackers. We enjoyed the succulence of the flesh.

Finally, Fried Ee-Fu Noodles (SGD $12.00) with chives and shimeiji mushrooms, well-oiled but not greasy; tasty even with the barest of meatless ingredients.

The Bro and SIL, who have dined here before, also recommend Peking Duck, Salted Egg Bittergourd and Wasabi Prawns. Overall, the dining experience was pretty pleasant, with decent dishes and gorgeous seaviews.