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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Review on Facial Treatment at Victoria Facelift @ Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road #04-58 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Tel: 6684 3232

Victoria Facelift provides non-invasive facelift treatments for its clientele, as well as a range of other facial services such as facial contouring, moisturizing facial etc.

Claimed to be founded by a British doctor named Victoria with no last name, this beauty / skincare establishment has been around in Kuala Lumpur for 4 years, but only penetrated Singapore in 2015. Since then, it already has 7 outlets across the island! Decor is pretty, mostly mint green hues with elaborate lighting and plush grey chairs - kind of Victorian style too.

One can be expected to be served by professionals (even though they could sound pretty pushy over the phone - kept pushing for earlier appointments even though I already selected a suitable date), friendly crew with good service, those that care to speak softly throughout treatments instead of loud chatter or hard-sell singsong.

I was invited here for their Non-invasive Facelift Treatment (worth SGD$388.00). Registration, declaration of health and skin conditions, as well as facial scans were all conducted in the Consultation Room. Instead of talking merely about saggy skin and fine lines (which was expected), my therapist Rene also touched on moisture level of skin and clogged pores issues. That was when I realized they were more than just a facelift centre.

Then I was brought to the neat but well-kept Treatment Room, where I changed into a mint green robe.

My makeup was removed and skin was cleansed by Rene. She was very detailed and informative, explaining each step gently and taking care that I was kept comfortable and warm in the super cold room.

Geranium Oil was then rubbed over my shoulder blades and a soothing shoulder and head massage took place - the perfect thing I need for a stressful week.

Then photos were taken of my face, noting the shape and skin condition. Next, a  Mask Sheet was lain over my face to moisturize and soften the skin, so that impurities can be removed and pores unclogged. She explained that moisturization is the best way to free the pores, preventing oil glands from producing more oil if skin is dry. She also mentioned that solutions are customized for each individual client here.

Another mask sheet was placed over my face next, serving similar effects I think, but containing a pleasant floral fragrance. I believe she explained but I was comfortably drifting in and out of sleep.

Cold Nutrients Gel and Treatment Gel were spread across my face thickly next, and then Rene used the machine to go around my face in a massaging motion. This would help to tone and lift the skin. It didn't hurt or anything, just a touch of warmth felt.

Following that, she covered my eyes and mouth, and sprayed some "B-lift" (sp) onto my face. I was left alone for a few minutes so my skin could absorb the lifting spray, before she applied moisturizer and eye gel for me.

Another round of photographs were taken. We returned to the Consultation Room where I enjoyed a Marine Collagen drink while Rene scanned my face and explained the differences. Yes, skin felt more firm,  hydrated, soothed, and blackheads were cleared.

Thank you Victoria Facelift and Rene for pampering my skin, as well as the excellent service provided!


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