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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dinner at Dazzling Cafe @ Capitol Piazza

15 Stamford Road #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 3310

When Capitol Piazza opened and I was excited to explore all the dineries there, I managed to visit Angelina's (review here), Cafe 1933 (review here) and Equilibrium (review here), but never had the chance to get to Dazzling Cafe, simply because there was always a long queue. Even on weekday afternoons!

With the opening of their second outlet at, some of the crowd has been diverted and tonight, there was no queue at all. Good - I could finally get to witness for myself the prowess of this Taiwanese desserts cafe.

The exterior is a pretty shade of Tiffany's blue, sweetened by light blue flowers and a white horse carousel by the entrance. Pastel pretty jars of marshmallows adorn the shelf behind.

The interior is done in Tiffany blue and white, with a long bar counter and breathtaking patterned purplish-blue ceiling. Service was all right - not excellent but nothing to grumble about as well.

Menu consisted mainly of desserts and pasta. We both made up our minds pretty fast. *J started with a Caribbean Fruit Punch with Calpis Sorbet (SGD$8.00), a sweet, aromatic drink with refreshing touch of zest. It looked so pretty.

The Mentaiko Fries (SGD$8.90) wafted of the umami aroma of mentaiko sauce, and tasted of the same deliciousness as well. Coupled with the crispiness of the shoestring fries, it was pretty incredible.

The Scallop and Crabmeat Spaghetti Aglio Olio (SGD$18.90) was coiled beautifully into a cone when served,  with shreds of crabmeat piling the tip, like long stalks of flowers upon mountains. The pasta was quite springy, not too spicy but the sweetness of scallops and crabmeat prevailed.

Finally, the popular and Instagram-worthy desserts! I set my sight on the Valrhona Chocolate Waffle (SGD$12.90) and they asked what doneness I wanted (crispy, soft or normal); I took their recommendation and went for the 'normal', which was a combination of crispy exterior with fluffy insides. The chocolate was faintly sapid; delicious, topped with chocolate chips for crunch. I didnt need to add ice-cream to understand why these pretty, flower-shaped waffles warranted so much attention on social media feeds.

Happy that we managed to come here for our catching up session.

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