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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dinner at 1933 Cafe @ Capitol Piazza [Revisit]

15 Stamford Road #01-83 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 3680

This is a revisit, because I was raving about the tasty Nanyang Curry Bread Bowl to The Beau, so we headed there for dinner and he could try it. Read about my previous visit here.

I started with a glass of Rosé Wine (SGD$10.00, at promotional price), while we browsed the menu for food. I really liked how the menu came in two languages - English and Mandarin. Service was excellent and I was rather surprised that the cafe restaurant was rather empty for a Saturday night. Where did the dinner crowd go?

The Beau had the Nanyang Curry Chicken (SGD$14.90), served piping hot in a crispy bread bowl. While the taste of the curry was still substantial and spicy, with tender chicken meat within, we were disappointed to note that the curry itself was rather diluted, watery. During my last visit with *Charmaine and she had this, it was much thicker. As a result of tonight's watery curry, the bread bowl became soft easily as well.

I had the Grilled Pork Loin (SGD$28.90), comprising succulent pork loin dipped in thyme, bay leaves, honey and brine served on a rack and accompanied by sautéed potato in olive oil, as well as some seasonal vegetables. We had a choice of black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce and Nanyang sauce (the latter being sweet and sour) so I chose the black pepper. The pork loin was grilled to a crispy deep brown, with rather tender flesh within its well-marinated, flavourful rack of meat. The veggies were a refreshing touch, giving a balance to the meal.

Finally, we shared a dessert of Lemon Tart (SGD$9.00) served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The crust was beautiful - it was solid but melted readily in the mouth. The curd itself was fluffy and had a delicious hint of citrusy deliciousness to it.  It was the perfect finish to the meal.

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