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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Nuptial Series (Part XX) - Wedding Gown Fitting @ French Wedding

62 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088483
Tel: 6333 0020

Finally, time to select the wedding gown and evening gowns for fitting.  I made an appointment and arrived at the bridal studio early. While waiting, I was given some booklets of photographs to browse through, so I could get an idea of what types of gowns I preferred. I also walked around the racks to examine the gowns on display.

My gawd - there were so many gowns of different lengths, materials, designs and details! The lady attending to me introduced herself as Aries, and was very friendly. We started with a couple of "trial dresses" according to my liking and their recommendations, for me to try on.

I was a rather easy customer, because I already knew exactly what styles and look I wanted. I told her that out of the gowns (white bridal gown and evening gowns) I wanted, as long as she could recommend something "toga", something "fish-tail", something of a particular color theme (shall keep readers in suspense till the Big Day) and something with a certain detail (pearl? roses? sequins? maybe!), I would try them.

Aries was very patient with me, as I tried on dress after dress, complimenting some and tossing others aside. She brought out a couple of dresses based on her judgment upon learning my preferences, and I loved how they made me look. Then I confirmed my choices so she could set them aside for me on my wedding day.  It was The Beau's turn to try on the various suits and choose the ones he liked.

Afterwards, we went through the booklet of Hand Bouquets together and tried to select something for the Big Day. They have so many different designs we were spoilt for choices.... from fur to pearls to different-colored of various types of flowers.  I fell in love with a few, then selected the one that I thought looked most classic, romantic and most importantly, would go with my chosen bridal gown.

Finally, we chose the flowers for decorating the Bridal Car. Hues were limited here, so I had to think back on the pair of Bears I'd purchased for this purpose, and chose the matching flowers.

The entire process took us around 2 hours, but do be advised that if you have no idea what types of gowns you'd want, do set aside more time. The only reason the bridal studio allowed us to come at 7pm was because I promised we'd be done under 2 hours - I'd already looked through some gowns during the bridal fair and have a keen idea of what I wanted. Also, choose your gowns early so that firstly they can set aside for you, and secondly, allow more time for alteration.

We were informed that upon gown collection, a deposit would have to be paid. Now all we have to do is pray that nothing happens to the bridal studio till our Big Day (touché) so that everything can go smoothly. Keep a lookout for the next post of Nuptial Series, where we'll be meeting the florist to discuss the final decor.

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