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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Nuptial Series (xvii) - Shopping for the Wedding Shoes

Photosource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2947910/Cinderella-s-glass-slipper-gets-fashion-forward-makeover-world-s-shoe-designers-including-Nicholas-Kirkwood-Jimmy-Choo.html

So, it is 2 months away from the wedding, so there seems to be more things to do now. In this month alone, we need to set aside time to:

(i) file the Notice of Marriage via ROM website;
(ii) meet the florist for the wedding hall decor;
(iii) get the wedding car (okay, thankfully the Bro is taking care of that);
(iv) going to the bridal studio to try the gowns and select which ones I want;
(v) shop for wedding bands;
(vi) arrange for bridesmaids' meeting (very important!!);
(v) confirming the guest list and sending out the invites;
(vi) planning the wedding song list; and
(vii) shopping for the wedding shoes.

That, and a couple of surprises I shall  not divulge for now.

Photosource: http://asia.christianlouboutin.com/sg_en/shop/women/lady-peep-glitter.html

I shall write about the bottom of the list first. I had thought this was going to be a breezy, no-brainer process but I was very wrong.  There are so many types of shoes out there, and when I walked around the boutiques I could not seem to find one that screamed the themes I had in mind. From departmental stores to Jimmy Choo, from local's favorite Charles & Keith to Christian Louboutin..... and now I am considering custom-made shoe stores such as The Shoemaker's Elf, Christy Ng or Sinderella.

Photosource:  http://row.jimmychoo.com/en/women/

Why is it tougher for me to hunt for shoes than the average bride? Firstly, my own ideals. Secondly, my feet are size 4, so that takes out alot of mainstream brand starting with size 5 and above. Thirdly, I am petite and I need my heels to be at least 5-inches high, so any store that does not have that is out. Forthly, I want slip-on, peep-toe high heels only - no straps because it would be cumbersome to wear and remove, no covered or pointy heels though they look good because I'll don't want to walk weird in them and trip.

Photosource: http://www.heelsdiva.com/

Colours-wise,  I want pearl, ivory or silver. Texture confuses me because I am torn between lace, glitters, smooth satin or irridescent silver (reflective).   During my hunts, I did come across a few that I covet, and will look along that line - such as the two Christian Louboutin ones above. Plain, but I might be able to add on shoes accessories such as shoe clips (stones, lace, diamante, feathers etc - you name it) or shoe chains etc from Heels Diva.  Good idea, no? Buy a plain pair of shoes but decorate it extensively so that after the wedding, I could just remove the glitters and clips and wear for work on everyday basis. Voilà!

Photosource: http://www.heels.com/womens-shoes/hotspot-white-multi-fabric.html

A couple of designs that interested me greatly were also this lacey pair by Guess - devastatingly elegant, feminine and beautiful. The height and style are right for me, price is very affordable and the fabric should be comfortable as well. Unfortunately as of today, end Jan 2016, this pair is sold out all across Singapore and US, at least for my size.

Photosource: http://www.melissajaneferosha.com/tag/glass-slipper/

The other design I am hugely excited about is the "glass slipper" concept. I need to discuss with the bespoke shoe-makers on the kind of material used. If this works out, I am going to be a Cinderella on my own wedding day!

Anyway, the hunt is still ongoing and I hope I can settle this soon.

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