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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Nuptial Series (xvi) - Meeting the Solemniser

Photosource: https://www.rom.gov.sg/

In Part 2 of the Nuptial Series, I described in detail the procedure about getting the solemniser and filing the Notice, etc.

After contacting various solemnisers via email - a variety of Justice of Peace, Drs and grassroot leaders - we shortlisted a couple of them to meet up with. Okay, you need to contact them around 3-4 months before the actual date, because many of them don't plan their schedule in advance for more than 3-4 months. Some would not be able to make it on your preferred date, and then some don't get their license renewed / are pending renewal.

You can get references for some solemnisers here:
(1) ROM website for all licensed solemnisers
(2) Best Solemnisers on Ideal Singapore forum
(3) Top 40 most popular Solemnisers on KiasuBride forum
(4) Top 35 most popular Solemnisers on DailyJambo

Note that these lists are merely for reference, and who is "good" or "not good" may be based on case-by-case basis.  Solemnisers do not charge fees for services rendered - you give a goodwill angpao, so don't expect great service from everyone who use their spare time to help out. The ROM will never have enough rooms or solemnisers to attend to everyone otherwise.

We met up with Solemniser 1 (a grassroot leader),  a nice, unassuming gentleman with a pleasant disposition. He readily agreed to solemnise our wedding for us on the selected date and venue. The venue of meeting was at an MRT station, where we shook hands, introduced each other, and signed the form. He chatted with us briefly, and asked for some details, but that was about it - a hurried meeting where he went off for his business after confirming date, timing and venue once again.

Then I met up with Dr. Leo Tan Wee Hin (NUS professor, and more). He was more formal, preferring to meet at TCC over morning coffee. After the formal introductions were over, he chatted to understand us a little more, and described his profile in detail. Being a counsellor as well, he touched on some salient points of making the marriage work, and told us in detail about the registration, filing and solemnisation process. I was very comfortable with him and his manner of handling things, therefore we decided to use him for the Actual Day instead.

I do not know why he is not listed on the Top most popular lists - but then he has only switched to providing solemnisation for about 2 years now. It also makes me deduce that the "lists" are really more for reference, based on a few reviews. There are probably many solemnisers out there who have rendered good services but never commended, because the couples they helped were not active social media reviewers.  Therefore, do base on your own judgment and interaction with the various parties to make your own decision - after all, it is your Big Day.

Remember to ask your potential solemniser for their Buddy Solemniser's contact, just in case something crops up.

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