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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Nuptial Series (viii) - 2nd Photoshoot in Singapore - LOOV Production

402 Orchard Road #03-10 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
Tel: 6733 4484

Even though we've done our pre-wedding photoshoot all the way in Vancouver, Canada (read about it here), I was still fascinated to see the beautiful photographs done by Loov Production. I'd discovered them only after we'd made all the other arrangements, but wedding is only once-in-a-lifetime event (fingers crossed), so I thought of taking up another series for keepsakes.

Helmed by the talented Keanu Chang (bridal hair and makeup artist as well as pre-wedding artistic director), most of the photographs portray a very artistic take on normal surroundings as well as fascinatingly beautiful gowns. The combined effect was stunning - some gothic, some dark, some romantic and some just incredulous. It had the right kind of "feel" that I wanted, so I booked an appointment with them and took on a package for outdoor photography shoots.

Throughout the liaison period, Keanu (read more about his portfolio here) was professional and polite all the while - very thorough and knowledgeable with lots of useful suggestions. We made an appointment to select the suits and gowns needed for the photoshoot, made arrangements for alternations and dry-cleaning, and set the date for the event itself.

On 12 November 2016 (Thursday), I reached his studio at 11.00am for my makeup and hair styling. Keanu did all the works himself, using his expert touch to enhance my looks with natural-looking makeup. He asked about our selected venues (our package comprised 3 locations) and advised on the sequence - initially we'd wanted to start with Gardens by the Bay and ending with Parliament House. He explained why we should start with the latter and end with the former, and also did my hair into an upswept hairdo for the first outfit of long white wedding gown. The veil and accessories went on, along with a bouquet for effect.

The photographer Vincent arrived before our scheduled 1.00pm slot for his preparation, and to understand the locations we wanted to conduct the photoshoots at. Then we set off to the Parliament House for the first take. Shots of the bride alone and then shots as a couple were taken, at different angles with different poses - and I loved the Colonial-style pillars and enigma of the old building itself. I was sure the photos would come out well, having seen lots of Vincent's portfolio on social media.

After changing into the evening gown, our next destination was the Fullerton Hotel area. I liked how Vincent had a good eye for nice spots, and we would stop whenever we passed by some photogenic areas around or within the vicinity. I shall not go into details here, but will let the photos speak for themselves when my guests view the full array on our actual wedding day.

Vincent's expertise and experience also led to him making very good suggestions along the way. Finally, we reached Gardens by the Bay for our final scenes, after exacting a few poses for the cameras. I did not choose from their selection of tea dresses, but brought along my own gown for this shoot. The entire session concluded around 5.00pm, and we drove back to Loov Production studio.

They processed the photographs while we changed into our own clothes. Half an hour later, we were able to view and select our preferred photographs for them to work on and print out for us (collection would be around 12 days later). Keanu patiently sat with us and went through the gallery of photos with us, advising which ones to keep and which to discard - since we had a limited number of photographs, but most of them looked gorgeous. In the end we selected an assortment of photos with different backdrop, and left after thanking them.

I was very pleased with the professional and affable service I received here, but what really wowed me was the skills put in to create the effects of the seemingly simple photos. Hope you like the little sneak previews here - the rest shall only be revealed after our wedding day.

Give Loov Production a call or visit their Facebook if you would like to have some stunning memories to keep to commemorate for your Big Day too!

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