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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Nuptial Series (vii) - Makeup and Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Vancouver, Canada

So, after getting the gowns ready, we were ready to set off for our pre-wedding photoshoot finally! This entry shall entail the shots done in Vancouver, Canada.   I will go into some details on the makeup artist and hairstylist who prettified me before the photoshoot as well.

Avant Garde Hair Studio
1075 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P9, Canada
Tel: +1 604-688-1986

For my hair, I was psyched to work with the gorgeous Aubrey Bonnah-vink, a talented top hair talent in Canada. She was very friendly and personable, and had great knowledge of hairstyles. Needless to say, she also styles models and some celebrities!  I settled for curls with a tiny pleat across the back of my hair, and Aubrey completed it efficiently within the hour, while we had fun chattering away.  To contact Aubrey, contact +1 604-688-1986  or email aubreybonnahvink@gmail.com, and quote "Elle from Singapore" for specials.

Address: Downtown, Vancouver
Tel: +1 778 242 8726
Email: makeupbytiannatran@gmail.com

For makeup, I had mine done by Tiann Tran, another gifted individual. Not only is Tianna a makeup artist for events and modelling projects, she also teaches makeup courses at the New Image College in Vancouver.  She is so amicable that I felt like I have known her for years, so it made the makeup session so much more bearable and even enjoyable.  I asked for darker makeup with emphasis on the eyes since we would be doing an outdoor shoot.

Tianna works with companies such as Lululemon and Estee Lauder, and also co-founded the nonprofit organisation A Wish To Wed to help the less fortunate out. What other talents or ventures she has, you might want to ask her yourself if you are ever headed to Canada for your makeup or makeovers done!

Address: Downtown, Vancouver
Tel: +1 604 781 0832
Email: info@mchenphotos.com

After the hair and makeup were completed, and I'd changed into the gown for the photoshoot, we met up with the talented Matthew Chen finally! He has a very diversified portfolio and an extensive client list, working with models and individuals for corporate shoots, fashion photography as well as portraiture. The media / marketing agencies and magazines in Vancouver are all familiar with his name and his works, therefore I am honoured to be working with him!

A dedicated young man with passion for his work and what he sees through the lens, Matthew ensures highest quality and customer satisfaction. His flexibility and affable personality makes it really worthwhile to work with him. You would know from the way he arranges the shooting date to venues based on what we would like, that he is an organised artist who is serious about his work.   During the photography session, he diligently and enthusiastically explored angles of beauty as our backdrop. He was also open to new ideas, which was an assurance in itself because there were a couple of things we had in mind already. Besides that, he would also give advice on what accessories were or were not suitable in each setting - if not I would have gladly donned the black or white gloves I'd brought along.

You can also check out portfolios of more of his wedding photography here at his other venture: Paramount Wedding Photography. If you would like to have your photos taken in Canada, do contact Matthew and quote "Elle from Singapore".

Right. Besides a little vacation and visiting the best friend, why Vancouver, of all places, for our photoshoots?   Firstly, we took the chance for a holiday.  Secondly, it is a beautiful haven with vast expanse of nature, so if you love nature and cool weather, if you would love to lend the beauty of nature as your backdrop for any photoshoot at all, this is really ideal.

I regret having captured day shots of the beautiful buildings in Downtown Vancouver itself (such as Gastown, etc), but if you are into Colonial-styled buildings or city shoots as well, this is the place to be!  Or orchards / vineyards photography.  I shall let the photos do the talking next.

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal - the place where we had our photos taken

Stanley Park - where you choose the greens of the fields or the blues of the seas

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain - love the outdoor piano

Lion's Gate Bridge - one of the iconic landmarks

Science World - backdrop of silver globe, waters or the anchored yachts by the waters


A fast-flowing river and its name eludes me

Shannon Falls

Whistler Mountain - where you get white clouds and magnificent mountains

Whistler Mountain - charming buildings can also be your backdrop

Whistler Mountain - red leaves and serenity can be yours too.

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