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Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Nuptial Series (v) - Hunting for the Suits and Gowns - Part I

Now that the photography has been arranged and taken care of, the next step is probably to walk down the famous shophouses along Tanjong Pagar to check out bridal studios for wedding gowns, or visit one of those wedding fairs.

I have in mind the kind of gowns I want, and what I would look good in. Therefore, I have shortlisted a few here - engaged one of them for a customised gown, and still considering the others for the Big Day.


Photosource: http://www.frenchwedding.com.sg/

A well-known wedding studio with elegantly beautiful gowns and a lovely boutique to boost - from classic to intricate gowns, French Wedding has it all.  They also have partners to provide wedding planning  / one-stop service as well - and I've just realised that their photography is excellent too.   Check out their services and gallery here.


Photosource: http://www.zwedding.com.sg/

Another popular wedding studio located along Tanjong Pagar Road, featuring bold and beautiful designs that are very stylish.   Their photography is also bold in theme and are vivacious in colours.   I really like the variety of gowns they have, and the infusion of European charm in their designs.  Check out their designs here.


Photosource: http://www.cangai.tw/

Located at Tanjong Pagar as well, an established Taiwanese wedding studio. I saw their gowns in my friend's wedding photo album on Facebook, and fell in lust immediately.  The sophisticated yet playful designs are eye-catching and absolutely gorgeous. They provide a one-stop service including photography too. Find out more here.


Photosource: http://www.weddingpresentbride.com/

If it was possible to fall in love at first sight with wedding gowns, this would be it - gothic, vintage, dreamy, you name it. I knew I would definitely work with them because they are me, they will bring the best out of me. After my trip in September, I should be contacting them to work something out.  If you know me well, you would understand why I am head over heels with their gowns - check out their collection here.


Photosource: http://www.kellysbridals.com/

First things first, let me settle my ROM / outdoor photography gown.   I chose Kelly's Bridal because firstly, her response was fast and efficient; price was reasonable and she was able to expertly explain the breakdown of the gown I wanted to customise for me.  Kelly's Bridal provides wedding packages, makeup etc, being your one-stop service provider - learn more about them here.

Read more about it in my review here (also forming part of The Nuptial Series).

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