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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lunch at The Prata Place / Springleaf Prata Place

No. 1 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787431
Tel: 6459 5670

57B Jalan Tua Kong, Singapore 457251
Tel: 8693 5393

Opens daily from 7.00am to 12.00mn

The Prata Place is started, and run by Mr. Gunalan, who is part of the family that owns Casuarina Prata as well.   The Prata Place has recently started their 3rd outlet in Bukit Timah area. The Prata Place has a different concept from the Casuarina concept.  One can easily find a wide variety of affordable food items here, served by friendly staff in casual, comfortable settings.

Pappadum Chips (SGD$0.60 per serving) and Lime Juice (SGD$1.70) were definitely the starters in this hot sweltering weather, while we browsed the menu for more food items to order.  The chips - whether eaten on their own, with curry or bryani, were addictive.

We stared with the Ultimate Murtabak (SGD$12.00), one of the special items featured in the 2012 Ultimate Hawker Fest. Mr. Gunalan believes strongly in being innovative even in his food creations, so here is it - tandoori chicken, portabello mushroom and lots of mozarella cheese swathed in thin prata crusts - indescribly good. The crust was crispy, the tandoori chicken was tender and tasty; mushrooms added strength to flavour, and the cheese was divine. This dish hit all the right chords of the palate, living up to its name proudly.

Next, the Umami 50 Murtabak (SGD$8.00), the special prata for SG50, consisting of chicken luncheon meat, eggs, chicken floss and cheese, resulting in a delectable blast of flavours and texture - succulent chicken luncheon, sandy-textured fine filaments of floss, and creminess of the cheese all assembled within crispy, thin prata sheets.  This is truly a delight.

Finally, the Plaster Blaster (SGD$5.00), created for the Ultimate Hawker Fest in 2014.  This was an adorable rendition of the traditional western's Eggs Benedict breakfast - but what truly inspired Mr. Gunalan was the rising of the golden sun during a family vacation, giving him a vision of this amazing creation.   The poached eggs ran beautifully over the ham and prata, giving us a joyous brunch blessed with western-eastern fusion.

All the dishes were served with small plates of curry on the side - fish, chicken, mutton etc.

Overall, the dining experience at The Prata Place was fun, enjoyable and we truly enjoyed these interesting discoveries.  Come by and try some innovative pratas yourself.

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