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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dinner at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee (Revisit)

534 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368220
Tel: 6743 1372

Photosource: Kin Kin Chilli Dry Pan Mee's Facebook Page

After the first visit and another subsequent revisit (review here), I found myself here again at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee.  I also heard that they have a new menu, consisting of more items. Indeed, this time round, they have sea asparagus pan mee, clam pan mee, meatball soup and seafood soup etc. Service here is rather unbearable, so just remind yourself that you are here for the food; and even though they state closing time to be 8.00pm (last order 7.45pm), it may happen that you can step in at 7.35pm and are still being chased out.

I had wanted to try the Clams Pan Mee but it was sold out.   So I settled for the Signature Dry Chilli Pan Mee (SGD$5.00) to satiate earlier cravings. The springy noodles were satin smooth.  After tossing the poached egg, shallots, meat balls and minced meat, simply add in dollops of their homemade chilli paste, and we were all set to go. The noodle was delicious as I'd recalled (by Singapore's standard).

The Beau tried the Signature Pan Mee (SGD$5.00) in soup version, so that we could compare the difference. The broth was delicious, laden with the tiniest hint of sweetness. The noodles were silky strands of bounciness, and he had the same ingredients as me save for the egg. What a pity - we both felt that if there was an egg beaten in, it would have made the noodle more palatable and complete.

That's it for another review on Kin Kin Dried Chilli Pan Mee.  I hope I can get to try the clams ones sometime soon.

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