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Monday, 5 October 2015

Afternoon Tea at Fresh Fruits Lab @ Changi Road

351 Changi Road, Singapore 419818
Tel: 6677 6741

I am finally at Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) - the cafe I couldn't find the other time; the cafe I went today because another cafe nearby was closed (despite stating that it is open on FB).

Projecting itself to be a laboratory-themed cafe / bistro bar with a fruits-focused-food and drinks menu, Fresh Fruits Lab unfortunately (or fortunately) does not resemble a lab at all. Its chic interior was a beautiful monochromatic sleekness, boosting of clean-cut furnishing .  To me, a laboratory is either stark white with glass panels or filled with rows of high, wooden tables with bunsen burners (do students still use these nowadays??

By the glass walls, there are some wooden tables and chairs, emanating a comfortable, relaxing vibe so that one could people-watch (or buildings-watch) while having a cuppa or meal.  The service crew was friendly and hospitable.

When I visit a cafe or bistro (or even some restaurants), I tend to enjoy checking the desserts counter, to see what beautiful dessert I could make my own to savour.  I spotted a couple, certain that they would taste good since the desserts are fruit-inspired.

Once seated, we were served a "test tube" of fresh Orange-Carrot Juice.   This reminds me of the Clinic Bar @ Clarke Quay, which had been a favorite hangout of mine until it closed down, many years back.  The menu is so cute too; they call it the "Lab Report".

The Mint Mocha (SGD$6.00) was a beautiful concoction that came in a beautiful golden foam tinged with green (of the mint?), and served with 2 pretty little marshmallows on the teaspoon.  The mocha had a lovely nutty roast to its thick aroma, complemented smoothly by the cool minty flavour, so it made every mouthful a delight, even after the coffee turned cold.

The Beer Shrooms (SGD$10.00) - battered mushrooms served with garlic aioli dip didn't make it  unfortunately - the batter was thick and greasy, not crispy enough, and while the shiitake mushrooms within were bouncy in texture, I could not detect a single hint of beer.

But fret not - Fresh Fruits Lab is thus named because it is constantly experimenting and improvising their food items, so I hope that this will be enhanced, or recreated.

The Lychee Cake (SGD$6.50) looked so pretty, and it was being served on a "heirloom-style" plate, scoring full marks for presentation. The fork dug in immeidately after the camera finished its "feast". The cake was spongy soft; the thick white layer was like pudding, with a creamy taste to it; other than that, the cake was gentle in flavour and its level of sweetness; so gentle, that other than the lychee sitting atop the cake,  one could not detect the aroma of lychee, and the pudding layer was overwhelming IMHO.

Moving on was a happy piece of colourful cake - Rainbow Cake (SGD$7.00). The texture was not as soft as I would have preferred, but the taste was good. There were strong citrusy flavours; and if I am not wrong, berries ones as well, complementing the layers of mascarpone cream marvelously.

Overall, this is a really pretty cafe to visit, with good service and music to boost; trust your own instincts when it comes to ordering the food; I would like to be back to try others, too. Oh, they have a high-tea menu (SGD$19.00) that is very value for money, if you have 2 persons or more with you.

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