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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Nuptial Series - (iii) The Solemnisation Venue

All right, so we have got The Proposal and Filing of Notice of Marriage covered, now it's time to get to the exciting part.

At this juncture, some of you may be considering a Wedding Planner to take care of all the planning and save you the trouble / headache of finding everything on your own. As for me, I spoke to a couple of them but their services couldn't add value to what I have in mind, hence I decided to plan my own wedding.  

Don't get me wrong - wedding planners do take alot of work off your hands, and they would plan out a timeline for you so that everything is on track. Their fees are very reasonable as well, and they are able to help you negotiate for preferential arrangements, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

But some of us prefer the fun of finding our own ROM / solemnisation venues. Here is a list of affordable, incredibly romantic and interesting ideas for your consideration. Well, do note that there are many other venues for you to consider, but these are the venues we have considered for our own solemnisation, and prices indicated are estimated quotes for us, up to June 2016.

Fancy a breezy solemnisation with all the elements of sun, sand and sea all intact?  Here is a list of beach solemnisation venues to consider, whether you prefer the blessing of the dazzling sun or are prepared to be romanticised by the beauty of dusk

Photo source: Tanjong Beach Club
Tanjong Beach Club
Tel: 6270 1355
Email  events@tanjongbeachclub.com
Website: http://www.tanjongbeachclub.com
Prices start from SGD$5000 for an outdoor wedding of up to 50 pax, and SGD$10,000 for an indoor wedding of up to 100 pax.

Photo credit: Shangri-la Hotel
Shangi-La Rasa Resort (Sentosa)
Tel: 6213 4339 / 6213 4340
Email: perfectcelebrations.sls@shangri-la.com
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/singapore/shangrila/weddings-celebrations

Photosource: Siloso Beach's website
Siloso Beach Resort
Tel:  6722 3333
Email: events@silosobeach.com
Website: http://silosobeachresort.com/wedding.aspx
Last enquiry for up to May 2016 was starting from SGD$33,000 for around 250 guests, 10% seating, lunch

Photo source: Mana Mana Beach Club's Facebook page
Mana Mana Beach Club
Tel: 6339 8878
Email: enquiries@manamana.com
Website: http://www.manamana.com/parties.html

Changi Beach Club
Tel:  6546 5317
Email: marketing@changibc.org.sg
Website: http://www.changibc.org.sg/corporate_packages/wedding

Love the feeling of being out at sea when you exchange your wedding wows, listening to the melody of the waves while feeling blissful under the azure covers of the sunny skies?  Yacht solemnisation may be the thing for you.

Here is the list of yacht rentals for solemnisation purpose - I was looking for 10 - 12 pax, for immediate family members only, on weekends.  Please contact them directly if you have larger groups.

Photo source: Grand Cruise Facebook page
Grand Cruise
Tel: 6555 0488
Email: reservations@grandcruise.com.sg
Website: http://www.grandcruise.com.sg
Rates: SGD$1,900 for up to 4 hours, for up to 23 pax; food at SGD$35.00 per pax.

Photo source: Yacht Rental's website
Yacht Rental / SingExperience / TeamBonding
Tel: 9178 1234
Email: inquiry@singexperience.sg
Website: http://yachtrental.com.sg
Rates: starting from SGD$799 for up to 10 pax for 4 hours;  BBQ food at SGD$300 for 10 pax.  Service is very polite and efficient.

Photo source: White Sails
White Sails
Tel: 6310 2679
Email: enquiry@whitesails.com.sg
Website: http://www.whitesails.com.sg
Rates:  SGD$1,200 for up to 12 pax; food at SGD$200 for up to 8 pax.

Yacht Charter
Tel:  9177 3105
Email: sales@yachtcharter.sg
Website: http://www.yachtcharter.sg
Rates: SGD$1,000 for up to 10 pax for 2 hours;  SGD$1,300 for up to 4 hours.  Food menu separate.

Photo source: Marine Bookings website
Marine Bookings
Tel: 6808 6363 / 9669 9060
Email:  enquiry@marinebookings.com
Website: http://www.marinebookings.com
Rates: SGD$1,712 for up to 18 pax for 4 hours. Food menu separate.

So you embrace nature and would like to exchange wedding vows amongst lush  greenery?   There are venues for you to choose from, whether you prefer the tourist attraction or a more secluded respite.

Photo source: Gardenasia @ Nyee Phoe Gardens
GardenAsia @ Nyee Phoe Garden
Tel: 6226 5881
Email: weddings@gardenasia.com
Website: http://gardenasia.com/index.php

Photo: Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay
Tel:  6420 6848
Email:  venue.hire@gardensbythebay.com.sg
Website: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/events-venues/silver-leaf.html
Rate: SGD$5000 for up to 8 hours for up to 1000 guests, only for rental of venue.  They will send you a separate list of approved caterers for food.

Between the water and the skies, we share the same love for both. Hence, it was not difficult to see why we would check out the rates for Singapore Flyer's solemnisation. Incredibly romantic and timeless concept on one of Singapore's icon.

Photo source: Singapore Flyer's website
Tel:  6854 5211
Email: sales@singaporeflyer.com
Website:  http://www.singaporeflyer.com/special-occasions/premium-solemnisation-package
Rates: SGD$2,999 or SGD$3,999 package, for up to 26 pax, 2 rotations of about an hour, comprising food, wedding invitations, wedding favours etc.

That's it for our wedding solemnisation research / shopping. Do keep a lookout for the next entry about Wedding Photography Studios and Rates.

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