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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Review on Le Spa @ Bukit TImah [Sponsored / Invite]

16 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599603

Tel: 6222 6805

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
However, due to practicality, they have decided to close between 6.00am - 10.00am where there are little / no customers.   Besides this outlet, Le Spa also has branches at Ann Siang Hills and Robertson Quay.

I was honoured to be invited by Le Spa for a sponsored session of massage pampering session.  I was in between a flurry of activities between work, sides, preparing for the trip, wedding planning and etc, stressed to the max. Massages and spas always relax us, don't they?   So I was looking forward to this indulgence at this "Happy" Spa ("Le" is happy / joy in Chinese).

Not knowing what to expect, I arrived for my appointment at 1.00pm on the chosen day, and found myself surrounded by an elegant splendour of oriental settings, leaning towards a gold-and-black tones. I loved it immediately - it was both intimate and tasteful, and at one glance, tells their visitors that they are in an oriental-themed spa.

They offer a wide range of in-house services at reasonable prices, all aiming to help soothe, relieve stress, revitalize and rejuvenate. Whether one wants Balinese-style massages, Swedish-styled massages, fusion treatments, gua-sha or therapeutic cupping, Le Spa offers them all.

All their massage therapists are WSQ-qualified and well-trained.

I was given the choice of an oil massage or a "finger press" (at least that's what it seems to translate into) massage - the former being more soothing and the latter being more effective on stressed out bodies. Even though I usually prefer the more gentle approach, I decided to be brave the finger pressure massage this time round.

The gorgeous receptionist brought me to change my shoes and led my along the long hallways into the room reserved for me. I liked the pebbles laid along the corridors.

Voila, here we are!  The cosy room was set in earthly, oriental tones.  Despite the comfortable settings, I was thankful that they did not play Oriental music to match.

I changed out of my dress into the fresh white robe provided for me, and was introduced to my massage therapist. My massage therapist was Ms. Lina, who hailed from China, and was very friendly and cheerful. During the massage session in which she pressed the right points and was very considerate to constantly check if I was ok with the level of pressure used.  I also learned a lot from her regarding misconceptions of massage and the risks associated with it (i.e. why people should not go for massages following a meal immediately).

There were a little pain, but nothing unbearable; it actually felt good. I felt alive, and rejuvenated at the end of it. Time flew by as we chatted on and she executed her moves expertly.  The tensed muscles were relaxed and I felt more energetic too.

Finally, the enjoyment of a hot cup of ginger tea, served in a Chinese-styled ceramic tea cup.  It was a different kind of experience here, an Eastern-type sanctuary that boost of good, affable service, good array of services offered as well as comfortable settings - all at very reasonable rates.  They pride themself as being a real respite - and will never pressurize their customers into signing packages (the common behaviour in other spa parlours that is the bane of the industry).

The current promotion now is a mere SGD$38.00 for a 45minutes body massage - what a steal! Call them for an appointment now, to grab hold of this amazing price and try the fabulous services here for yourself.

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