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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Afternoon Tea at Carol Mel Cafe @ Tai Seng

1 Irving Place #01-30 The Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546
Tel: 6635 5755

The new hipsters and prominent cafe-hoppers have probably all heard about Tai Seng and all the new cafes popping up one by one. True enough, on this particular Saturday afternoon, we bumped into many familiar faces while we went in and out of the various cafes sitiuated at The Commerze Building.

Carol Mel Cafe is one of the cafes there, distinctive by the black door that did not announce its name openly.   By verbal pronunciation, one keeps thinking it was "Caramel Cafe", so when one locates the right spelling, it probably is a great ice-breaker, under any circumstances.

It is started by two sisters, namely Caroline and Melissa, who are both chefs, therefore it gives you an idea of where the cafe derived its name from.

A small but immensely cosy and intimate cafe with pretty decor,  a delectable-looking array of desserts as well as interesting posters gracing the walls.    We were welcomed warmly and got ourselves seated quickly because something special was about to happen.

We had the best of this Whimsical Waffle, one that truly lives up to its name, teasing, taunting, caressing and soothing with all the flavours and textures incporated into one huge dessert. The base started out savoury, because it is a sea-salt waffle! Then we branch into the fruits (banana and berries) adding a touch of sweetness and tartiness to the scoops of salted caramel ice-cream, again bringing us on a taste-kaleidescope of flavours. Marshmallows on top sweetened the deal, balanced further by a thick layer of melted cheese that was a WOW factor.

Tell me now, dears, how could anyone not love this waffle at all?

Well, the sad thing is that it has been taken off the menu, so we were fortunate enough to get a last taste of it. But restoration works are in order... I heard there are campaigns to get it back on the menu so what say you? Support, because you love it and can't bear to see it go? Support, because you haven't tried it, and want to feel whimsical over your desserts?

Anyway, I had a Somersby Pear Cider (SGD$8.00) to calm the palate after such a tasteful adventure, and to keep cool on this sizzling hot day.

Thank you Caroline and Mel, for the wonderfully whimsical waffle!

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