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Monday, 20 July 2015

Treatment at ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics @ Novena Medical Center

10 Sinaran Drive #10-01 Novena Medical Center, Singapore 307506
Tel:  6100 6868 / 6397 7280

CleakSK seems to be the big name these days, for medical treatments and skincare; I hear about it everywhere. In fact, they had high-tea cum beauty seminar session somewhen in May that I was supposed to attend, but was not able to make it.

Anyway, decided to give them a try. By the way, they have many outlets all over the island - spanning central to the western and eastern parts of Singapore. I chose to visit the one at Novena Medical Centre because it is closest to home, and even there, they have multiple outlets!

Besides skincare, they also provide weight management programs etc. Feel free to check out their website for more.  For my pigmentation and scars, I decided to try out their newest E-Matrix laser - collagen, skin-rejuvenation programme.  These usually go for SGD$1,000.00 a session, but they have promotions every now and then, so contact them for more.

I was attended to by the professional and pleasant Karen, who took pains to understand what it is I needed, proposed solutions, and made customised recommendations.  I did not have makeup on - just aloe vera gel and sunblock - because I was prepared to undergo treatment.

Then I consulted with Dr. May (sp?), a very pretty and gentle lady doctor who explained the various procedures to me and made recommendations. Again, I had to admire that none of them - neither consultants nor doctors - sounded pushy or tried to hardsell anything at all.

So we firmed up what I needed, and we went through the standard Health forms and Consent forms before payment was made.

Then numbing cream was applied on my face while I sat in the cushy waiting room replying emails, Instagramming and browsing a few fashion magazines. The wait was about 20 minutes, as I felt the numbing cream gradually taking effects.

Thereafter, I was brought to the treatment room. Here a therapist cleansed my face, applied another kind of cream over my skin, and set up the E-Matrix laser machine. They also took photographs of my bare face from three different angles, and prepared me for the sensations of the treatment once more.

I lay back against the glaring overhead lights while they worked on me, and I tried to lose myself in easy chatter and soothing music playing in the background of this lavish clinic.

Oh, did I remember to mention that at this stage, I was brought to another ClearSK unit on the same level?

Then Dr. May came in to administer the treatment personally, surprisingly. When I went for Blue Light treatment at a well-known clinic in Paragon, and Derma-roller treatment at another clinic in the East, it was the therapists / nurses who handled the procedures after consultations with the doctors!

Dr. May was friendly, caring and ensured that I felt comfortable throughout. The prick was more intense than I had expected, and the faint charred hints could be detected even before it touched base with my face. The sensation was like sharp, hot pricks, but you don't bleed - not like Derma-roller at all.  It stung and brought some tears to the eyes, hence tissue was being handed to me.

After that, Karen came in again to apply Beta Cream for me. I was also given a small tub of the same cream, as well as a Soothing Sheet Mask to bring home.  Dr. May and Karen had advised me about the downtime and gave instructions not to go out into the sun, etc.  They did mention the value and benefits of signing for the packages once or twice again, but again I stress - not pushy at all, very smooth and soothing recommendations.  It was very pleasant working with the people here, and I enjoyed it immensely.

After the mask and cream, as well as my own soothing moisturizers, makeup goes on as normal the next day and voila- everything feels and looks normal again, except maybe better. Okay, the pores do look a little enlarged due to the slight swell, and there may be slight flaking over the next 2-3 days, besides the redness, but all was good!

Thank you, ClearSK.