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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lunch at Angelina Tea Room & Patisserie @ Capitol Piazza

15 Stamford Road #01-82 Capitol Galleria, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 0481

Out of the many new enticing cafes at the newly-opened Capitol Building / Piazza / Galleria, I chose Angelina Restaurant / Tea Room because of its quaint, sophisticated beauty and because Coco Chanel frequented this elegant exquisivity (in France itself, of course) often.

The exterior suggested a classic touch of elegance while the interior exuded artistic charm and comfort amongst a strong French setting.

Angelina Restaurant / Tea Room has its beautiful name on every tableware, carrying its brand proudly. We took a while to select what we wanted from the menu, and they took an even longer while to start serving our food!

*J, *L and I came here for lunch but trust me, we were very much tempted by the brunch and dessert items as well. It was just thankful that these crackling baguette slices made up for the long wait, sitting prettily in a silver tray like dainty lovers waiting to be devoured - every bite was crispy; and they only serve it when main courses are ordered.

We had a Traditional Crusted Onion Soup (SGD$17.00) to share. Cheese and onion immersed in piping hot, sweet soup warmed the palate and ignited fire in the belly for us to look forward to a good meal hereinafter. I mean, a good start always means a good finish, no? (at least in Foodology!)

For mains, *J went for the Wild Mushroom Risotto (SGD$23.00) - actually all three of us were eyeing this dish. It did not disappoint, not with its rather generous serving of truffles, rocket salad and brothy-rice. The flavour could have been a little stronger, more sapid with mushroom taste, but we were only able to taste it here if we bit into one of the shrooms pieces literally. I also thought that the grains were cooked till too mushy, lacking the bite that I usually enjoy in risotto dishes.

*L had the Truffle Ravioli (SGD$29.00) - tiny little jagged squares of pasta stuffed with cheese. Lovers of cheese would gladly indulge in this pasta dish, sinking their teeth into the firm pasta so that the burst of cheese could fill the mouth deliciously - truffle hints were detected amongst the cheesy indulgence.

For me, I chose to have the Steamed Black Cod (SGD$35.00) served with Shellfish and seasonal vegetables. Black cod always contains a scrumptious buttery smoothness to its texture, combined with a taut, slightly springy tone; the flesh was saccharine. I also enjoyed mussels and clams, being a seafood lover. But oh, the broth, the broth was the ultimate climax - combining the goodness of the seafood and every sip drew out the need to want more; even the soft baby potatoes were sufficiently immersed with the tasty broth.

I don't know about them both, but this was easily my favorite dish out of the three.

And I know, Angelina Tea Room serves rather wicked hot chocolate and pastries - I will be back for sure, to savour these sweeties someday....  Overall, dining here was rather lovely, because of the ambience and food items; service was somewhat lacklustre though. Till then!

*special thanks to *J for the contribution of some of the food photos here.

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