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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Air Supply 40th Anniversary Tour - concert at The Star Theatre, Singapore

1 Vista Exchange Green, Level 3, The Star Theatre @ The Star Arts Performing Centre, 
Singapore 138617
What:  Air Supply 40th Anniversary Tour
Date: 3th March 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00pm to 9.45pm (approximate)
Tickets price: SGD$168.00,  SGD$128.00,  SGD$108.00 and SGD$78.00

Australian soft rock duo Air Supply (consisting of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock), together with the band members, are on tour again. This year is special because it marks the band's 40th anniversary, which is technically a lifetime for a band to stay and still perform together. They were set to return to Singapore, made possible by Unusual Productions again.

I wanted to watch it, simply because I hadn't watched a concert for a very long time (the only other band I thought worthy enough to watch was Garbage, but sadly the concert date clashed with my Aussie trip). I was not a fan of Air Supply myself, since I didn't know the members well enough, but they have quite a few songs that are my personal favorites, such as "Even the Nights are Better", "Goodbye" and "All Out of Love".

So, The Beau booked tickets for us to attend the concert a couple of days before the event (we were unsure whether we could go or not, since waiting for confirmation of another event). The SGD$168.00 tickets were fully booked by then. We settled for the SGD$128.00 tickets, with additional SGD$4.00 each for booking fees. The seats and positions were not too bad - we could still see the stage quite clearly.

The Star Theatre is a lovely place - spacious, beautifully designed, and most importantly, comfortable. Most of the seats were filled with a variety of concert goers - some dressed up nicely whilst some came in tees and shorts.

Russell and Graham took to the stage around 8.15pm, and started with the usual "I love Singapore" and "Thank you for coming" liners, along with some history of the band in between songs later.  They sang really well and had great stage chemistry. I was glad for the assortment of familiar favorites by them, with some other songs that I learned that night itself. Some of the songs were (not in order) :-

Even the Nights are Better (the opening song)
In Your Eyes
Dance With Me
Just Between the Lines (the song that brought the Russells together)
Two Less Lonely People in the World
Making Love Out of Nothing at All
Sweet Dreams (I love this song)
All Out of Love (the closing song)

They are no longer young, but one had to marvel at their energies. I look at their younger photos, of how they were good-looking youthful lads, and am glad that they have come thus far.

Many of the audiences were video-ing the show, which was a tad annoying because they were not supposed to, and some of them held the devices to high they blocked people seated behind. If you wonder why you aren't seeing any videos or photos of the performance itself on this entry, it is because I DON'T do things like video-ing a concert or movie. I support anti-piracy all the way, hence why I still buy CDs / DVDs, but yes, I do regret not having taken a shot (just a photo or two) for this entry.

Anyway, the Air Supply duo also came down to shake hands with the audience, and inviting some "sing-along" during the concert itself. The concert ended at around 9.45pm. Overall, it was very enjoyable, and we were glad we came for it.

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